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3 Happy Independence Day!

The staff of Sheepshead Bites and Bensonhurst Bean wishes all our readers a very happy and safe Fourth of July! Enjoy your hot dogs, fireworks and freedom! We’ll see you tomorrow, because we’re taking the day off. Because… ‘merica!

Bits & Pieces
5 Open Thread: Rainy Days Are Here Again

Seems we’ve been having an awful lot of rainy days lately, especially as Tropical Storm Andrea whipped up more wet weather, including some record-breaking rainfall in the northeast. I, for one, prefer sitting at home with a fine glass of…

Bits & Pieces
0 Birds Hanging Out At The (Sand) Bar

Have you ever noticed water this shallow in Sheepshead Bay? Well, these swans found a sand bar to rest their feet. Reader Kathleen Higgins speculates that the sand bars formed due to Superstorm Sandy’s redistribution of resources in the water.…

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