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Shopping Cart In the Dumpster

Shopping carts in the dumpster

Here’s a little something for you long-time Sheepshead Bites readers:

You haven’t heard from us shopping carts for a while, but we’re still here, being used and abused, abandoned and tossed out. I promise you, I have all of my four wheels intact. But, why these heartless cleanup guys decided to throw me in the trash, I really don’t know.

As for my friend – sure, she’s not a supermarket cart like me, but she’s still a cart. Plus, she used to be bright red, but due to years of sitting out in the harsh elements, she’s a pretty pink. I can’t tell you if she still has all of her casters, but there is no way that you can come out to rescue me and leave my best friend in this dumpster.

Please, my Sheepshead Bay neighbors, if any of you are into some serious dumpster diving, please come and rescue us. We’re about to get dragged away and taken to some dump, somewhere. HEEELP!!

Shopping Cart's Night of the Living Dead (Photos courtesy of terrified readers)

Just in time for Halloween, a dead shopping cart rises from the dead.

[Cue scary voice and creaky floorboards.]

Yes, it’s me…Mwahahahaahhaha!!! You will remember me, pictured here, here, and here (is that me all cut up into a jigsaw?).

Bet you thought I was dead. Well, you would be right. I was dead, and I’m still dead, but that doesn’t stop me from coming back to HAUNT you!

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Shopping carts having a little too much fun? (Photo courtesy of MSniceguy, August 2010)

We’re not in Sheepshead Bay or anywhere near, but we’re close enough so that when we decided to roll all the way, we wheeled over to the new (now notorious!) sex shop on Sheepshead Bay Road.

That store got so much attention that even if there was one closer to us, here at Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store in the very quiet little mall near JFK Airport, we just had to go and see if there was anything that could make our first time go smoothly, if you know what I mean.

When we got there, we realized that we didn’t need any of those plastic toys and novelties. I mean, we’re both mainly plastic ourselves. So here we are, cuddling after our little afternoon delight, in the broad daylight, au naturel!

Happy Rosh Hashana

“Shana tova umetukah” to our Jewish readers.

Tonight marks the first day of the Jewish new year, and we would like to wish you all a happy and a healthy one!

You can check the dates and times of the candle lighting times for Rosh Hashana, here.

Shopping cart yellow stranded august 2010

No longer determined to die. (Photo courtesy of nolastname, August 2010)

Last week, when they first published my story, I thought I was taking my last breath — but, somehow, my diaphragm just kept on going.

The next day, when someone started taking pictures of me, it was early morning and I really wasn’t in any mood. Then, the photographer told me that life is like that. Every day is a sunset. Some days it’s a lovely sunset, some days pretty dull — but, there’s always a sunrise. Even if the clouds obscure it, the sun rises.

I suddenly felt some hope, and taking my last breath wasn’t the only thing I could think about. This ain’t no kind of life for a shopping cart, but things could be worse, I suppose. I mean, I could have ended up in the Gowanus Canal, instead of near Caesar’s Bay or whatever place this is.

Shopping cart dying on the rocks. (Courtesy of MSniceguy, August 2010)

Ashes to ashes. Metal to metal.

Here I am, taking my last breath. I know you didn’t see me covered by the gentle waves hitting the rocks, and I know it’s hard to see my clunky metal when you’re thinking of the lovely (though, somewhat hazy) Verrazano Bridge view.

If my wheels must take its last roll, it’s better that I die here with this lovely sunset than buried under some cold, dark soil.

Shopping cart in search of a locksmith to let him back into his home. (Photo courtesy of Stefanee Rivera))

A reader, Stefanee Rivera, sent us this photograph of a lost shopping cart and gave us the background story.

This poor little guy was found early Saturday morning seeking assistance from the locksmith inside. Apparently he got locked out of his house (Walbaum’s) and couldn’t find a neighbor to help. He wandered over to the locksmith on Ave. X and Ocean Ave.  for some help getting back inside. The nice locksmith who works there called his parents and told them he was waiting for them at the shop. They said they would be “right over”  to pick him up. However, according to the locksmith, at 3:45PM, the lonely little shopping cart was still there waiting for his mom and dad. I suggested he call the Administration for Shopping Cart Services (ASCS) if they hadn’t come to pick him up by closing time.

Hearing the news that the shopping complex where the Waldbaum’s store is located has been sold for $10 million, may have made him a little nervous about his family’s future.

Shopping cart and pillow bed mattress. (Photo courtesy of nolastname, 2010)

Roaming the streets of Sheepshead Bay all day with these bags of cans sure can be tiring.

I guess it’s not as bad as some have it. At least I have some shelter (the Belt Parkway overpass at Ocean Avenue) and a place to rest my head at night or day or whenever the mood takes me.

Now, if I could only get me a pillow and some sheets. Oh, yeah, and some earplugs, ‘cuz that Belt Parkway rumbling and bridge renovation sure does keep me awake!

I’m the lovely red shopping cart just kidnapped from the Staples Office Super Store on the corner of Avenue Y and Ocean Avenue. But, who’s going to be looking for or at me in this post?

Someone stuck this cutie pie baby into me and rolled us over to the brand new P.S. 254 playground. Talk about getting overshadowed. Will anyone notice my lovely red paint or will they just see his baby soft skin? Why do I even ask?

Dance scholarship recipient, Mikhail Calliste, and CBTB Artistic Director, Marla Hirokawa. (Photo courtesy of Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn, Inc., 2010)

Back in 2008, we wrote about the Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn, Inc (CBTB) and its move out of its long-time Sheepshead Bay residence, into to a new Midwood home.

Since then, the dance school has been developing even more programs as a non-profit organization, and offers special scholarships for promising young dancers.

Find out about Covenant Ballet’s scholarships, and one of its talented recipients.

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