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Rocco's Bakery and Deli (Source: Google Maps)

Rocco’s Bakery and Deli (Source: Google Maps)

It looks like someone is going to be able to afford that penthouse in Oceana soon. Some really lucky person in Brighton Beach hit the jackpot this past Saturday when their numbers came up in the Poweball drawing, scoring them $130 million.

The  ticket was sold at Rocco’s Bakery and Deli (117 Brighton Beach Avenue), and yesterday the New York Post interviewed the manager Salah Al-Sulaimani, 33. He was so excited he was doing cartwheels in the store and getting some orders wrong. Aside from the $10,000 bonus the store gets from selling the winning ticket, he’s now expecting increased lottery sales in the future.

“The publicity is going to bring in a lot of business, a lot of people here. We’ll probably need another lottery machine,” he told the newspaper.

The holder of the ticket remains a mystery, and has not yet come forward to claim his or her prize.

For those readers unfamiliar with how lottery prizes work, the winner must choose between a 30-year annuity or a lump sum payment. The lump sum is worth about $73.4 million, with the winner getting about $45.7 million after taxes. The annuity would pay out the entire $130.3 million value with yearly payments increasing about 4 percent a year. If you ask me, which you didn’t, I’d go with the long-term value and still find a job. Or, hey, just double down; afterall, the Mega Millions Jackpot is up to $165 million – you know, if you’re willing to wait 25 years to get it all. Otherwise the lump sum gets you $89 million.


Source: WKRB's Facebook

WKRB, the radio station that operates out of Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard) finally completed their renovations and are ready to return to live broadcasting this September!

Check out some of the photos of their new digs that were posted to their Facebook page earlier today. Like Sheepshead Bites, WKRB 90.3 serves the local community. They broadcast news, music and local sports, and is fully staffed by the students of KBCC.

They’ve been around since the 70′s and churning out media professionals ever since. Now they are coming back with a vengeance. Right now you can hear their live stream at their homepage, or this link. Until live DJ’s return to air this September you can still tune in to 90.3 FM and listen to an automated broadcast.

If you’re interested in radio as a profession then you should head on over to Kingsborough and visit the radio station for a tour, or if you’re already a KBCC student, sign up to be DJ. From personal experience, I can say it’s a lot of fun.

Arbuz on Sheepshead Bay Road

The past week or so has seen a couple of major New York City papers snooping around Sheepshead Bay’s restaurants, including a pretty hefty score for a newly-opened Manhattan location of a Sheepshead Bay original.

That’d be the New York Times talking about Treat Petite, the Greenwich Village spinoff of Arbuz (1706 Sheepshead Bay Road). A while back we broke the story of Arbuz’s expansion. Treat Petite (61 Grove Street) is now open, specializing in frozen kefir, and appear to have impressed the Times.

“Their soft serve, called Treat Petite, is refreshing and not as sweet as many brands of frozen yogurt. The store offers six varieties: plain, and five others subtly flavored with fruit purées, including pomegranate and caramelized pineapple. There are also smoothies and concoctions with various toppings, as well as coffee, crepes, waffles and some pastries.”

It seems to me that the wider world is finally waking up to the wealth of tastes and flavors our corner of the city has to offer, and what’s even better is that those business pioneers that took risks to start here in Sheepshead are finding success and expanding outward.

In addition to the New York Times story, local restaurants are also getting a huge shoutout in the Daily News. The paper launched a series – which we’ll say is inspired by The Bite, since they’re all in our coverage area anyway – showing off great restaurants along the Q line. So far they’ve covered:

  • Tatiana’s in Brighton Beach
  • Varenichnaya in Brighton Beach
  • Coney Island Taste Peruvian Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay
  • Randazzo’s Clam Bar in Sheepshead Bay
  • Totonno’s Pizzeria in Coney Island

Source: Rafael Kage/Flickr

Are you a fan of Kingborough’s radio station? Well, we can explain that deafening silence you’ve been getting when you tuned in these last few days.

WKRB 90.3 FM, Sheepshead’s local college radio station hosted by Kingsborough Community College, is currently off the air. According to their Facebook page, the live feed went off air on Friday, February 10, while they renovate the station. They estimate they will resume broadcasting in April or May.

Worry not! Fan’s of the college station won’t miss a beat. Though the live feed will be down you can still listen to an automated version of the station’s playlist by going to

Source: mikealex/Flickr

Governor Cuomo signed into law this week a bill that will create a new class of metered taxis that service the outerboroughs and upper Manhattan. We decided to check in with Arthur Borko, Sheepshead Bites’ resident livery cab kvetcher to find out what he thinks of the development from his point of view as a car service driver.*

The New Livery Cab Expansion Bill is a bunch of Bull. Yes, I said it, and let me tell you why.

The city claims that there is a major issue because metered yellow cabs do not routinely pick up fares outside of Manhattan. Most of you will know that to be the case because most yellow cabs refuse to bring passengers out there to begin with. The reason is because there’s nobody to pick up!

They won’t make any money on their return trip to the city. For many years, there’s been a status quo where yellow cabs patrolled Manhattan, and the other boroughs were serviced by private door-to-door car services. There were two types of licenses (for both driver and car). In the city a person can walk outside and hail a cab, but out here in a place like Sheepshead, the car service rules. Most customers simply call one, and get taken to their destination for a pre-arranged fare.

Easy right? Well, no, not really. This bill creates a confusing type of third class of cab.

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ILI Flag


There are lots of people who often joke about New York City seceding from New York State, and I admit, I’m one of them. But imagine my surprise to hear that there’s a secessionist movement for Long Island. As it turns out, Brooklyn is the capital of The Independent State of Long Island. That’s right.

I was watching the most recent episode of “How The States Got Their Names” on History Channel. This episode focused on the various accents across the country and eventually they got to discussing the accent’s from Long Island. This led to a small segment about The Independent State of Long Island and their dream of Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk succeeding into it’s own state. There’s even a pretty clever flag! Well, it got me to thinking. If Brooklyn was the capital of Long Island the 51st state then what would that mean for Sheepshead Bay?

How would things be different around here? Would we get more tax money for infrastructure? Would the port and bay get more development? Would we be a tourist destination? Without the MTA would we retain the focus for public transport to New York, or would easy access to the rest of the island become a priority?

Kinda makes you think doesn’t it? As for The Independent State of Long Island, the movement has been around since 2007. Check out the website for a whole bunch of interesting statistics, they even have a news page! As for me, I kinda wanna get that flag…

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is asking for help to promote this year’s Mermaid Parade on television early Saturday morning, requesting potential parade-goers to head into Manhattan and stand around lookin’ all fishy.

According to their Facebook page, the CBS Early Show is looking for Mermaids to come hang out for televised promos and interviews Saturday morning between 7:30 am and 9 a.m. (the above screenshot has the incorrect time). If you’re interested in being on TV and showing off your costume to the masses, head to 5th Ave and 59th Street across from F.A.O. Shwartz. For more information please contact organizers via Facebook.
Of course, for our readers, we think you should ditch the mermaid gear and grab a Sheepshead Bites t-shirt and stand around the mermaids, stealing their screen time. Mwahah!
By the way, the Mermaid Parade takes place tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. along Surf Avenue and the Riegelmann Boardwalk.


Manhattan Beach native Darren Aronofsky is kicking butt in Hollywood, and continuing a fine legacy of Southern Brooklyn-born stars. And his latest project is almost 20 years in the making, beginning with an award-winning poem he penned at 13 years old, as a student at Reynolds Junior High School (now Bay Academy).

Keep reading to learn about Aronofsky’s latest project, and see a video sneak peek.

This guy needs health insurance. (Source: Amarand Agasi/Flickr)

Hey, local business owners, looking to cut some costs and help your employees out?

Senator Charles Schumer and State Senator Marty Golden are trying to raise awareness among local businesses of a new federal tax credit that’s part of the Affordable Care Act and can be worth up to $25,000. It’s called the Small Business Health Care Tax credit, and it helps pay they cost of providing health insurance to your workers. Business with less than 25 employees are eligible; of course, the catch is that you have to offer health insurance to those employees. This is a good opportunity to start if you don’t already.

According to Senator Schumer about 350,000 small businesses may qualify for the tax break (though some say that number is overstated). If you’re a small business owner and would like to see if you qualify, the National Federation of Independent Business has put up a calculator to determine your break per employee.

If you’d like to know more about the Affordable Care Act and how it benefits you, check out the government’s website. You can also check out this page about the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.

Tonight is one of nature’s most wondrous events, a lunar eclipse. The fact that it’s happening on the Winter Equinox, the longest night of the year, makes it exceptionally rare and special.

The eclipse begins shortly after midnight at approx 12:30 a.m. The eclipse will reach it’s greatest point at 3:17 a.m., at which point the entire moon will be behind Earth’s shadow and will appear from pale pink to blood red in the sky. This happens because the only light from the sun to reach the moon has passed through Earth’s atmosphere, changing it’s wavelength. The eclipse finally ends just in time for work around 7:00 a.m. You can learn more about this eclipse and others at Wikipedia or from this NASA PDF.

The best place to view an eclipse, or any celestial event for that matter, is someplace away from the glare of city lights. Thankfully Sheepshead Bay doesn’t have as many lights as other neighborhoods in the city. If you want to view the eclipse tonight the best places will be the roof of a building (make sure the get permission!), Emmons Avenue, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach (any point along the boardwalk) and the roof of the UA parking lot.

Bundle up warm and head out around 3 a.m. and catch one of the most amazing and beautiful events you can see in a lifetime, and to think you can see it from right here in Sheepshead!

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