Here Are Some Places To Score Thanksgiving Turkeys Now That Waldbaum’s Is Closing

(Photo: Kristie Moser / Flickr)

(Photo: Kristie Moser / Flickr)

After decades of serving the neighborhood, the Waldbaum’s at 3100 Ocean Avenue is closing its doors. And although the location will reopen in about a month as a new grocery chain, loyal shoppers will have to go elsewhere to purchase Thanksgiving turkeys this year. Below you’ll find a roundup of other businesses in the neighborhood that are selling the holiday meal’s traditional main course. Also, hopefully this will make it easy for everyone to compare prices and see what’s out there without going to every store.

And if you’re looking for a place to score Thankgiving pies, we’ve made a list for that too.

Food Basics (Soon to be Met Foods)
Where: 2185 Coyle Street, between Avenue U and Avenue V
What: The store is nearly out of stock of their Honeysuckle White turkey ($1.99/lb). Because the store is changing hands, an employee could not say whether they will be getting more birds or what brands they might carry.
More info: Call the store at 718-891-0152.

Stop & Shop
Where: 1710 Avenue Y, between East 17th Street and East 18th Street
What: The store offers the Stop & Shop brand turkeys ($0.99/lb for fresh birds and $0.59/lb for frozen) and Butterball turkeys ($1.69/lb for fresh and $0.99 for frozen).
More info: Call the store at 718-648-0202.

Cherry Hill Gourmet Market
Where: 1901 Emmons Avenue, Between East 19th Street and Ocean Avenue
What: Cherry Hill is offering precooked turkeys, between 10 – 12lbs, for $60. The turkeys can be stuffed or unstuffed. The store requires a $30 deposit for orders.
More info: Call the store at 718-616-1900.

NetCost Market
Where: 2257 East 16th Street, between Gravesend Neck Road and Avenue V
What: The store has frozen Butterball turkeys ($1.99/lb) and all-natural capon ($2.99/lb). They also offer precooked turkeys, which come with rice and dried fruit or macaroni and mushrooms. The precooked birds require a $20 deposit.
More info: Call the store at 718-368-0402.

Gourmet Boutique
Where: 3688 Nostrand Avenue, between Avenue X and Avenue W
What: The store is currently taking orders for precooked whole or half turkeys. They cost about $45, according to an employee, and require a $20 deposit. Gourmet Boutique also expects to have frozen turkeys for sale by the beginning of next week.
More info: Call the store at 718-332-4412.

Prime Cut NY
Where: 431 Avenue U, between East 4th Street and East 3rd Street
What: This meat market is selling fresh Empire Kosher turkeys ($4.99/lb).
More info: Call the store at 718-375-6328.

Brenman’s Prime Meat Market
Where: 2496 Gerritsen Avenue, at the corner of Allen Avenue
What: Offering fresh Amish Farms turkey ($2.99/lb) and fresh Bell & Evans turkey ($3.79/lb).
More info: Call the store at 718-743-0555

Sultan Meat Market & Deli
Where: 2732 Ocean Avenue, at the corner of Avenue W
What: Sells fresh turkeys ($2.99/lb).
More info: Call the store at 718-616-0698.

Dave’s Strickly Kosher Meat Market
Where: 3604 Nostrand Avenue, between Avenue V and Avenue W
What: Sells fresh turkeys ($3.29/lb)
More info: Call the store at 718-648-8500.

And please consider donating to families in need by supporting CAMBA’s Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry’s effort to provide 500 Thanksgiving meals to local families this year.