Log Cabin Bar Rebrands As The Brass Rail



The Log Cabin, one of Sheepshead Bay’s oldest bars, has slashed its storefront in half and is now going by the name The Brass Rail.

Established in 1987, the local staple at 2123 Avenue Z took up two storefronts on the corner of East 22nd Street for decades. But the owners reduced its footprint some time after Superstorm Sandy. That part, 2121 Avenue Z, is now leased by dentist Paul Markel.

The bar launched several new beer options on tap as well after years of being known to locals as the place with “several taps, all Bud.” They’ve also been doing a lot of themed events, including a pajama party, 80s party and, as seen in the photo above, a Thanksgiving Eve Party coming up in two weeks. Unfortunately, it was also one of the last bars in Sheepshead Bay with a pool table – and that is now, sadly, gone. The karaoke will go on, however, as indicated by the new line on their awning: “The Karaoke Spot”.

Best of luck to the new Brass Rail, as well as to Dr. Merkel!

  • Kon

    I’ve been to the log cabin a couple of times. It had a creepy atmosphere. We don’t really have any good bars in this area.

    • joe


      • Kon

        Wheelers is ‘eh.’

        • sadeyes

          I like the bar area but the food sucks. :-(

          • MrArtTuro

            Kon seems to not like ANYTHING here.

    • J.M.H.

      define creepy,,always enjoyed hanging there

  • ES

    No Indian food, no place to play pool… feh.

    • American Born

      Indian Food? This is American Not India, We eat Hotdogs, Hamburgers and French fries here.You want to play pool go to a pool hall. a Bar is a play to drink and socialize and may be Get lucky that is if you don’t smell like Indian food :>

      • American Born

        I hate autocorrect A Bar is a Place to drink and socialize

        • ES

          I know it’s hard, but at least try not to be a dick.

  • DK

    Very happy that Paul Markel moved to this neighborhood. What an amazing dentist!!!

  • MrArtTuro

    I’ve enjoyed the casual, friendly bar many, many times. Come as you are – prices are good, the sports on tv, and the music and karaoke is nice.

  • max smart

    Before Superstorm Sandy FREE hot and cold buffet everyday

    • Elle

      They still do it

  • Gene Kuflick

    So it went from a log cabin to a brass rail?

  • Brooklynator

    I’ve been to the bar couple days ago, and they still serve hot buffet food there