West Nile Spraying Happening In Our Area Tonight


West Nile DOH map

The city Department of Health will be spraying mosquito-killing pesticides throughout parts of our neighborhood tonight, between 8:15pm and 6am – which was supposed to happen last week but ended up being canceled because of the rain, according to a DOH spokeswoman.

The area to be sprayed is shaded yellow on the map above, although it’s only an approximation.

Here’s a .pdf from the city detailing the spraying, and here’s more information about the West Nile Virus.

And, to prepare yourself for tonight, check out the suggestions we detailed last week about what to do to protect yourself, including staying indoors and closing air conditioner vents.


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  • sadeyes

    Why is 11235 not listed on your map?

    • Some of the spraying is in 11229. It doesn’t appear that any of it is in 11235.

  • Georgia

    This map is not right to me I think they are off a bit with the zip codes and there is 1 missing from what I see.