Avenue U’s Xing Hui Fashion Has Closed



Well, that was fast. Less than five months after opening, Xing Hui Fashion at 1222 Avenue U is now closed.

We spotted the “For rent” signs this morning. It was only in March that we announced the business was set to open, selling jewelry, handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories.

Hopefully the location fills up faster than its previous vacancy. It sat empty for at least a year following the closure of a formal attire retailer and tailor.


  1. Sidney Fields on

    Seven years seems to be long time to own a vacant, non-revenue producing tract of property. I wonder what the Landlord is thinking.

  2. The Fruit and Vegetable store had a lot of nearby competition. And the entire building where the Dry Cleaners was is now vacant.

  3. Subway Stinker on

    Ave U and E 16 Street has lost two stores recently. One of the Corner Fruit and Veg operations shuttered in July and now I see that Dry Cleaners on the southwest corner is gone. What the heck is going on here? And yes, Richard Yee’s has been vacant for many years. I wonder if real estate taxes are being paid by the owner of that vacant property?

  4. Just thinking about the food at Richard Yee’ s makes my mouth water. You know something, if South Brooklynites bemoan small business so much maybe they should quit their private corporate or government entitlement job and open up or work for a small business. Shame on you! Also, you know who shops? Women morons! Your idiotic empowerment of women in South Brooklyn is what is causing businesses to be empty during the day.

  5. Edward Jaworski on

    Anyone old enough to remember when Richard Yee’s closed? Now half the Ave. U block between E. 26 -27 streets is vacant.

  6. You missed this on Avenue U between East 13th and East 14th Street. Kiddos opened in the summer of 2007. It closed recently too.