Roll-N-Roaster Strikes Back! Named One Of Brooklyn’s Best Sandwiches

Photo by Erica Sherman

Photo by Erica Sherman

It was just last week that Brennan & Carr was named one of New York City’s most iconic meat dishes by Eater NY. Was rival roast beef peddler Roll-N-Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue) going to be ignored?

C’mon. Nobody puts Roll-N-Roaster in a corner. They put them on “Best of” lists. Specifically, CBS News “Best of” lists, which has to be among the best “Best of” lists because they once named us Best Local Affairs Website and obviously have good taste.

The news outlet calls Roll-N-Roaster one of eight best sandwiches in Brooklyn, describing it thusly:

While “You can have CHEEZ on anything you PLEEZ” would be enough to entice even the strongest will-powered man into Roll-n-Roaster, there are reasons galore to visit – though most do include said CHEEZ. First and foremost is the wonderful roast beef sandwich; thin slices of beef with a pink center arrive piled high on a soft bun, a sandwich that would put to shame that fast food sandwich chain that claims to make these.

One week, two local roast beef sandwiches on “Best of” lists, and never a consensus on which is better.

Congratulations to both of our meateries!


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  6. I agree. R-N-R is nothing special to me except their a-la-carte pricing. Awfully hard for two people to get out of there without spending what I would consider highway robbery for two sandwiches, fries and two drinks.

  7. Matthew Schless on

    Their same television commercial has not changed in about forty years!!! You can purchase a cup of dipping sauce, which is a better way to go than Brennan and Carr where they soggy up the bread too much. Also, you can get free cooked onions at R ‘n R on your sandwich. You can choose to have sweet potato fries (unlike Brennan and Carr). If you go early enough in the evening, their little $5 pizzas are a good deal and you can get grilled onion on top, for free. And sausage on the pizza is only a buck. You can choose beer or wine, which is uncommon at a fast-food restaurant. And finally, Brennan and Carr is too expensive.

  8. Nick the Rat on

    I like to dip my !)^#% into the little cups of cheeze and pretend I am a sailor~!

  9. Then if I bring my own cup, they should fill it up for free right?

    Anyway, the sign says its for the water, not the cup, which only cost them about a penny.

  10. i think all of their food is good EXCEPT for the Roast Beef sandwich. Brennan n Carr and John’s Deli definitely makes better Roast beef Sandwiches than Roll n Roaster. But all of their other food is very good as well as their milkshakes and lemonade.

    and by the way dont ever trust yelp the people who comment on their are usually just negative people who have way too much time on their hands

  11. All you fanboys with your feelings about this “neighborhood staple”, get a clue already.

    The food at Roll-N-Roaster is mediocore and bland, nothing special at all, yet it’s expensive and they receive constant praise. I can’t speak for the Roast beef sandwich (never tried it) though I seriously doubt it’s one of Brooklyn’s best sandwiches.

    Check out all these negative reviews on Yelp:

  12. Anyone notice Brennan and Carr tweaked with the sandwich. Its still good, but different.

  13. They should just stop charging for tap water. No one else does that. Wonder if that’s even legal.

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