Morning Mug: A Mimosa Tree. Mmmmm… Mimosas…


This one, I am told, was on Bedford Avenue. From the photographer:

Those are the seed packets that hang from the branches. Usually they’re straight, but they curve as they dry or ripen I guess.

Photo by Robert Fernandez

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  1. Nah – should have looked at the leaves before I opened my big mouth. Those don’t look like Gymnocladus leaves. But the pods look more like the Kentucky coffee tree than honeylocust.

  2. Actually, Citizen Pruner, they don’t even look like the pods of honeylocust to me (Gleditsia triacanthos). They look much more like a Gymnocladus dioica – Kentucky coffee tree – a fairly uncommon but occasional sight on NYC streets. The pods should get fuzzy soon and in the fall when the foliage turns yellow the pods will have turned a great lavender color. If given the exact location of the tree I would confirm. Back when coffee was either too expensive or not available (the Great D), these beans were roasted and used as a coffee substitute (THEY ARE TOXIC RAW!!!)

    Both photos taken at NY Botanical Garden when I studied there. The ID of the tree in these photos is unequivocal.

  3. Citizen pruner & tree guardian on

    That is not a Mimosa tree, rather a Honey locust tree, Gleditsia triacanthos, a common NYC street tree.