Morning Mug: Arouse!


Some of the photographer’s notes from the field, which I always enjoy:

I was shooting on the pier when it started to downpour. By the time I got to shelter at the carousel, I was drenched. I waited until the rain let up a bit and as I started to leave I saw the incredible glow of the sunset behind MCU park. The photo does not capture how gorgeous it was.

Photo by Robin Michals

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  • nauticalstar

    Awesome shot!

    • ES

      Robin is an amazing photographer. If you do a search of her last name, Michals, you will find more of her incredible photos. I am a fan.

  • Lady Deborah Moody

    This shot is spectacular!

  • Lisa_Sheepshead_Bay

    It is true even more beautiful in person. Great photo! Are those lightning bolts in the background?

  • nolastname

    Has to be one of the best mugs of all time. Excellent capture.

  • Bk2Bklyn

    I love that she quite literally captured the letters “ROUSE” in all their colorful glory – this Morning Mug truly defines the meaning of the word: to awaken; to bring out of sleep; cause to feel excited.,,,great photo!!