Dunkin’ Donuts Coming To Neptune Avenue In Brighton Beach



Brighton Beach will be home to a new Dunkin’ Donuts in the near future, with construction set to wrap up soon at 361 Neptune Avenue, on the corner of Brighton 3rd Street.

The lot has been home to the shell of an old gas station and garage for quite a number of years, and it looks like plans for the franchise coffee and sweets shop have been in the works since late 2012, judging from Department of Buildings records. The plans were finally approved in January and work began thereafter.

It doesn’t look like they’ll have a drive-through operation, but there will be parking for as many as 13 cars in the lot – which has yet to be paved. It looks like they’re still working on the interior, too, and the cracked, weed-covered sidewalk around the perimeter will probably be redone as well.

What do you think – good place for a Dunkin’ Donuts?

The same lot in 2012. Source: Google Maps

The same lot in 2012. Source: Google Maps


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  • CupofJava

    Better than what’s been there lately – nothing

  • Local Broker

    Do you know if this got a zoning change or some type of other approval ? From what i remember this was zoned for residential and you couldnt build any commercial property here. They might have got around the zoning by just using the existing structure and not building any additions which would also avoid the environmental clean up of the tanks underground.

  • Kareem Inmacoffee

    Let’s hope the coffee is a bit stronger at this Dunkin Donuts than the on on Sheepshead Bay Rd. which is very weak and watery.

    • Many Dunkin Donuts have very weak and watery coffee

      • Kareem Inmacoffee

        The 7-Eleven on Sheepshead Bay Rd. has a great, strong, cup of Brazilian roast. I can’t remember ever being satisfied with the coffee in the Sheepshead Bay Rd Dunkin Donuts. A strong cup of coffee usually sends me to the bathroom with my newspaper in an hour or so. I think Dunkin Donuts’ coffee on Sheepshead Bay Rd. was so weak, it made me constipated!

        • Kareem Inmacoffee

          Correction – The 7-Eleven on Sheepshead Bay Rd. HAD a great, strong, cup of Brazilian roast before Hurricane Sandy eventually caused it to close.

        • Thanks for information regarding a good cup of coffee…I must give it a try…that’s why I go to Starbucks for a decent coffee

    • joe

      go to coffee spot cafe right on jerome ave and sheepshead bay road. very good coffee there

  • winson

    we have so many already, is another one necessary?

  • A

    The third DD in Brighton Beach. They still have some catching up to do to Sheepshead’s five locations!

    An interesting spot though, since that area is somewhat ghetto. It’ll be interesting to see how they do.

    What’s also interesting to note (at least I think so) is we have DD’s and Subway popping up around our area specifically where gas stations used to be.

    • itsme

      You’re ghetto, or you must not be from around here

  • Kareem Inmacoffee

    I think the best coffee in the area is from the machine in the front of Stop & Shop.
    It grinds the beans on the spot and brews a nice, semi-strong, fresh cup of java.
    If Stop and Shop got smart, it would create a nice little area for it with a few tables, near the croissants/bakery area.

    On another note, it would also help if they would kept their shelves stocked in the rest of the store, Since we’re discussing supermarkets, what’s happened to Waldbaum’s? Their circulars are half the size they used to be, very little’s on sale and the store is almost empty with few cashiers.

  • joe

    How bout a nice mom n pop coffee shop or a nice diner?. I’m so tired of seeing Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Subway, etc…. on every damn street in the city. i feel like I live in the lifeless suburbs sometimes with all these damn chains

    • Jim beam

      Amen, Joe.