Life Made A Little Easier, A New Smoke-Vape-Novelty Shop, Coming To Sheepshead Bay Road



Our friends at Arbuz tell us they’re set to have a new neighbor, Life Made A Little Easier, a head shop slated to replace Luv My Vision Optique on Sheepshead Bay Road.

A banner went up at the 1702 Sheepshead Bay Road storefront on Friday, advertising it as a “Smoke-Vape-Novelty Shop.” A little online sleuthing (really, very little), shows that it’s the latest branch of a Staten Island business established in 2012 that sells pipes, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, and assorted knick-knacks for the smoking/faux-smoking enthusiast.

The storefront itself has been empty since December, when Luv My Vision closed down a year and a half (and a hurricane) after opening.


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  2. BayResident on

    Any business that has enough sense to engage the community on Sheepshead Bites automatically gets a star in book, so thank you for commenting Simon.

    I can honestly say that I’m excited about your store coming to the area and look forward to being a customer!

  3. 1 happy toker on

    LOL i am actually in NO way affiliated with the store other than a happy customer in a place where not many people or stores understand glass culture. I personally dont even vape, just think its dope!

  4. Not.really sure who posted that but we are happy you a familiar with our store. We will try to serve the community with outstanding service and great pricing. We hope to see you all soon..

  5. 1 happy smoker on

    The prices will not be the cheapest as they dont carry many chinese made glass pipes. They carry a wide variety of HIGH END GLASS that features renowned glass blowers from the US, Canada and, Germany. They also have the HUGEST selection of E-cig/vape gear i have ever seen. This isnt your average deli smoke shop. This is a LEGIT establishment for smokers of all kinds!

  6. BayResident on

    Very cool. I hope they’ll be better priced than Kings Highway Smoke Shop which charges close to double what I can pay online. But in either case, welcome to the neighborhood! About time we had some variety around here.