61st Precinct Crime Statistics: 4/14/2014 – 4/20/2014

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CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is the police command responsible for Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Highway, Homecrest, Madison, Manhattan Beach, and Gerritsen Beach.


  1. supportunionizedliars on

    The “Conned-Stat” Program started under Furor Bloomberg. Sandanista Bill has his own version and is turning cops away from “crime fighters” to ticket writers. It is all about priorities. Billy knows he has to manipulate the data and the cops know they have to write tickets. They throw up road blocks all over the city now just as excuse to search cars and arrest drivers. The police are now the greatest threat to the public.

    They have better things to do than look into your being robbed, beaten, broken into, your neighborhood drug house and anything that will take them away from their mission of ticket writing and terrorizing those who won’t make them run after them or put up any fight.

    It is much more lucrative and safer to have 30 cops man a “safety checkpoint” where evil money carrying car drivers must pass than it is to patrol areas and take reports of actual crimes. Ticket writing pays, crime “fighting” not so much.

  2. Sema Gliner on

    It is all over New York City. Deblasio is afreak run for your lives. Do you think that Blacks all of a sudden stopped commiting murders and rapes. Hell no! This guy wants abill tomallow these worst criminals to work everywhere. We really live in Detroit, Deblasio, at all costs does not want us to know this.

  3. Iknowdoyou on

    Time for a Federal Oversight Commission. Those “crime” statistics are works of fiction only Stalin could appreciate. The drug dealing that goes on next to me in Manhattan Beach is fantastic and the police REFUSE to do anything despite NUMEROUS CALLS to them with license Plate Numbers of suppliers.

    If you ever think your life is in danger, don’t bother with 911, arm yourself with the deadliest thing you can find legal or otherwise and do what you have to do – they will do nothing to help you and not even take the report for your murder. They would tell your next of kin to call the sanitation department not the police for a corpse.

  4. Sema Gliner on

    I know a small business guy, who was beaten by a hammer in the 61st precinct and the cops would not even file a report .

  5. Sema Gliner on

    It is not just the 61st precinct, it is citywide since the new mayor took over. I kow women in minority neighborhoods, who are constantly assaulted by theie husbands or boyfriends, yet the police do not do anything about it. The 61st precinct and the surronding South Brooklyn precincts are no different. Remember that Russian who threw down his kidof a roof? Well, He had a prior arrest for domestic violence and TIAA-CREF allowed him to keep working there. This city has some kind of war against minority women, in order to keep minority men from commiting even more crimes. This guy’s policies make Bloomberg look like Snow White.

  6. supportunionizedliars on

    And if you believe those numbers I’d like to interest you in some ocean front property in Nevada. No one bothers calling them anymore, they are too busy meeting with their Russian Mobster benefactors.

    Anyone stupid enough to bother that precinct with petty things like robberies, break-ins is told to piss off and stop bothering them. Every house on my block has been robbed in the last few years, dozens of cars broken onto since last Fall, but the police never responded to anyones calls, so we don’t bother to trouble them anymore.

    May as well close that precinct since there are no “crimes” reported anymore.

  7. Sema Gliner on

    Only 27 major crimes in the area covered by the 61st precinct is a miracle. Chell should be cannonized. The 60th precinct, who has a supposed higher level of so called undiserable citizenry, constantly churns out lower crime numbers. Its the Russians.