Brighton Man Busted For Guns, Pipe Bombs After Cops Respond To Domestic Dispute



An FDNY EMT was arrested at his Brighton Beach apartment yesterday for owning a cache of high-powered weapons including pipe bombs, after police responded to a domestic dispute between him and his wife.

The New York Post reports:

Victor Cadicamo, 29, was arrested when police showed up to his home near Brighton 10th Terrace and Coney Island Avenue at around 9 a.m. Thursday after the FDNY worker’s wife said he threatened her with a gun, cops said.

When cops searched Cadicamo’s home, they found five firearms and a rifle before cuffing him and dragging him down the the 60th precinct. Police said the couple’s 2-year-old child was home at the time.

During interrogation, Cadicamo confessed to also having bombs hidden in the home, which sent the NYPD’s bomb squad back to the location. The bombs were brought to the NYPD’s Bronx firing range for detonation.

The Daily News adds that authorities found two pipe bombs made of PVC, with caps on the ends and a black cord attached.

Cadicamo, 29, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and harassment. Additionally, his union has kicked off a separate investigation to determine if the six-year EMT will lose his job.

Cops came to Cadicamo’s home after his wife, Christina Liskowitz, also an EMT, called police saying that he had threatened her with a gun.

Yasir Ullah, 34, who lives above the couple’s apartment, said Cadicamo and his wife are constantly fighting.

“We always heard loud voices. In the morning time, they would slam doors,” Ullah said.

He said the couple had what sounded to be a loud argument Wednesday night.


  1. he is out of jail on

    he was sentenced and released. no operable firearms were at the location and the “bombs” were homemade fireworks. He would have done time if anything was legit
    . A gun alone will get you a year automatically.

  2. Supporter of Left handed Rule on

    Nothing “happened” to that Constitutional protection. Hopefully he will get a fair trial and then if guilty sent far away for a while. The 2nd Amendment does not extend to private ownership of Pipe Bombs. I’m surprised that “I’m on his side” is so puzzled about all this yet waited a month to speak up.

  3. An old friend of mines brother married a Russian girl who took up the Muslim faith……. Anything is possible .

  4. Nick the Rat on

    Wow. Why did they arrest him? Were the gun illegal? Owning rifles is not illegal. And the lack of information on the pipe bombs is funny to me. “It wasn’t clear if the PVC pipe bombs were live.” They could have been anything! Posting news with no information should be illegal (not you ned, you are just reposting what the other guys are saying)

    So a guy gets in a fight with his wife, and now his name is ruined over a lack of info!

    Maybe she lied about the gun threats! Why is all this unconfirmed information able to be published? If I was him (and if innocent, he might be a total dick wad) I would sue for defamation!

  5. Roma Faizulin on

    This is what happens when men go uneducated. They carry guns, drink beer and beat on women. On the other hand, look at the males who became teachers and nurses look what they have done in the last couple of years. I sort of blame the liberal leftist leaning New York Stste and the United States in terms of social standards and morals. My theory is that as a society breaks down morally, men by nature who are more socially conservative break worse than do women.

  6. So there is such thing as a white Muslim? Cause we know, there are no white terrorists. AmIrite?

  7. What is a white guy that is not Russian doing living in Brighton Beach anyway. GET OUT!

  8. guns in front of you on

    Guns hanging on the wall and none of his friends or relatives saw anything wrong with it?
    Was the pic is facebook page?

  9. YinGs A FOOL on

    Ying, you are an ANIMAL. You do not know what you are talking about. The problem is “How did this guy get the EMT Job anyway”? People should have proper back ground checks, psychological evaluation prior to holding city jobs and I know that some agencies like the Corrections Dept does that. Why not do that with EMTs?? How are they any different? What is a crazy mad man EMT gets the job and starts secretly killing his patients?

    So the problem is not a race issue as you say but a problem with the system. If the system functioned properly, this would not have happened.

    Keep your racial comments to yourself Ying or stay off this site.


    LOL, sure if all the Whites move out,. NYC will be 80% unemployed, your people are all on liberal government freebies

  11. This only proves my theory that the white trash of Brooklyn, that is all of South Brooklyn has got to go. GET OUT! Why do these two people earn a $90,000 household income, when alot of highly intelligent minirities may be out of work. The avearge household income in alot of poor black neighborhoods is less than $30,000 dollars. The white residents of NYC should be given their walking papers, both the man and the woman. Don’t be fooled by the white devil in a dress either. INTERLOPERS!

  12. Local Broker on

    Look at all those scary black guns hanging there pointed in all directions. Im shocked a million people haven’t been shot all over the neighborhood.