Coney Island Avenue Retail Property Sells For $5.425 Million

Chase Bank at 1500 Coney Island Ave (Source: Google Maps)

Chase Bank at 2500 Coney Island Ave (Source: Google Maps)

A 7,200-square-foot retail property, currently home to a Chase Bank and cellphone repair store, has sold to new owners for $5.425 million.

The property sits at 2500 Coney Island Avenue, on the corner of Avenue V. It’s a two-story building with a 12,000 square foot parking lot.

The owners could choose to redevelop the site, building taller while staying within zoning laws, but the Observer, which reported on the deal, notes that it is “unlikely.”

The new owner is Francman Realty LLC, a New Jersey-based company.


  1. Man, I was born in Bensonhurst. ( Momonidies Hospital ). The good old days of Charlie the barber, Goldie’s delicatessen, Manny Gross monuments, The nut house, Silver Rods ( which is still there ),And i believe the Marlboro movie theater. Lived on 18th and 63rd street in the early 60/s to mid 60’s before folks moved to Sheepshead Bay.

  2. subwaystinker on

    When I was a lad living in Bensonhurst, (1960s) there was a CARVEL on 86 Street, sandwiched between stores, no parking lot I think it was between 19 & 20th Avenues, and operated by a nice fellow Danny Dawson and his mom, who me and the other kids called “Granny”. So maybe old gravel voice Tom Carvel did not know about this one if Bus guy is correct.

  3. I believe it is th only free standing Carvel remaining. For many years Tom Carvel refused to allow any Carvels without parking.

  4. Cool. I remember when i was a kid when pop had the card games down in the basement, Carvel flying saucers and the Carvel sundaes… Those were the days..

  5. One of the few originals still standing is Carvel. Same owners too. Steve, the owner died a few years ago but his wife and children still run it very successfully.

  6. Oh ok Frank, i use to live in Sheepshead Bay in the mid 60/s to 1970. I remember Carvel on C.I.A.. Boy C.I.A. has changed a bit through the years… Like everything else… lol

  7. Local Broker on

    Yes the Malones used to own the property then sold it to a scum bag that was the seller in this deal.

  8. Big Daddy’s was between X & Y. This is on the corner of Ave. V. There was a flower shop there a long time ago. Malone’s Florist.