Sugar & Spice Coming To Sheepshead Bay Road

Source: Arbuz via Facebook

Source: Arbuz via Facebook

Our friends over at Arbuz tipped us off to yet another business set to open on Sheepshead Bay Road called Sugar & Spice.

The business will open at 1703 Sheepshead Bay Road, replacing the short-lived Norodny International Food Store, which closed up in December after just seven months.

It’s not clear what sort of store it will be? Ladies apparel? Sex shop? Could be just about anything.

What do you think?


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  • moe

    :( not Indian take out

    • ES

      Heh. You sound like me. I am all too familiar with those nights when nothing else will do but chicken tikka masala heaped over a steamy serving of fragrant basmati rice, washed down with a refreshing sweet lassi, and topped off with an irresistibly honey-soaked gulab jamun for dessert. Why do you forsake us, Indian food restaurateurs…WHY?

  • Ned, remember the nursery rhyme?

    The one that was on the other side if the street closed last year. Perhaps a smaller children’s clothing store might work.

  • Jeff Newman

    I think we need a good bakery in this neighborhood!

  • Jula G.

    A great health cafe would be a good start! it’s 21 century, time to eat healthy.

    • … like the one a few doors down from it? Or the one across the street from that?

  • Anonymous

    Googled it, found a twitter account with a logo somewhat similar to the picture. Apparently it’s some shitty pop music/show thing.

  • Anonymous

    More snooping. Here’s their site

    “Dance entertainment company”? my guess? Dance lessons?

  • Mary P

    I dunno.. Maybe lingerie? Time will tell!

  • Bikerchick

    Oh, I was so hoping for a Sushi restaurant!