Monday: Michael Geller To Moderate Talk On Marijuana Legalization At MBNA’s Next Meeting

Former District Leader Michael Geller. Photo by Erica Sherman

Former District Leader Michael Geller. Photo by Erica Sherman

Former District Leader Michael Geller, director of the Lighthouse, an alcohol and substance abuse program at Kingsborough Community College, will moderate a discussion on the implications and consequences of the legalization of marijuana at the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association’s (MBNA) next meeting this Monday, March 3, 8:00 p.m. at Public School 195, 131 Irwin Street.

For additional information, call (917) 747-5863.

  • ShadowLock

    I support legalization.

    • sadeyes

      Me too.

      • not pot

        Not me. I’ve seen far too many smart people turned into mediocre people due to grass. This isn’t Reefer Madness, but pot most definitely affects lives, and not in a good way.

        • sadeyes

          So have I, but I still support legalization. I’ve seen many other factors that have turned the “smart” into the “mediocre.” Maybe they don’t see themselves as anything but who they are/want to be & it’s not our place to judge.

          I’ve seen many “successful” pot users, too. And happy ones…………So, using the law won’t be the answer.

  • Doobieman

    The state of Colorado has made a profit of over $100,000,000 already, Oregon & Alaska are going to legalize next. If New York does the same we will bring in over a billion dollars a year at least. Just think of all the money for education, & tax relief for are over taxed citizens. And it will break the back of the drug cartels.

    • ES

      Doobieman, I’m just wondering…does the world “Polaris” mean anything to you? If not, ignore.

  • hhhorray

    Forget pot, legalize Heroin and let every teenager get a free sample. It’ll will be good for the Afghan economy to sell their bumper crop off. The schools can hand out dime bags with a hypodermic needle. It will be healthier than Ritalin! Drugged and stupid is a New Civil Right!

    • Maxwell Smart

      Clockwork Orange

  • ShadowLock

    looks legit.

  • RJ

    Pot can cause temporary mental problems in about 5% of users, however, the toxicology of marijuana is less toxic than most legal drugs, even less toxic than donuts. Drug dependancy shouldn’t be fixed via the prison system.

  • Alcohol is a very toxic substance, and its abuse is not uncommon. Shall we decide to make that illegal as well?

    Wait a minute, we tried that solution. It was a mistake.

    • Not pot

      We can’t stop murder, so we may as we’ll make it legal too.

      • Pot not

        Stupid analogy murder is a crime you do against others. Pot you choose to smoke

        • Guest

          So you believe that the 18th Amendment should have remained in effect?

      • max smart

        cant stop rape, corruption , bank robberies… guess there are many things that should become legal… BTW.that’s sarcasm

      • So the 18th Amendment should have remained in effect?

  • Murry

    Can you imagine legalizing, Gambling, Prostitution, Drugs ? Would this perfect world we now live in come to an end?