Women’s Fantasy Clothing Store Opens On Sheepshead Bay Road



A new shop recently opened at 1730 Sheepshead Bay Road called Women’s Fantasy, a clothing and lingerie shop for plus-sized women.

Women’s Fantasy opened its doors to customers in late November, but did not install a sign until the temporary one photographed above went up in the last week or two. It’s actually not a new business; Women’s Fantasy has been serving customers for more than a decade, with a storefront in Bensonhurst.

Women’s Fantasy replaces Pelame Top Design, a fur and leather retailer who closed up shop in June 2012, barely a year after opening.


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  • npk32


  • Jane

    It’s funny that they put a plus-size store next to a gym.

    • elaine louey

      its for the fatties who get too tired to walk all the way to the gym and have to stop and rest. then they can buy bras.

      I like big butts and i cannot lie!

    • bruce b

      That’s a good one. But also, the now-closed porn shop across the street was right near the pawn shop!

  • Maxwell Smart

    It would do well in Virginia

  • Supporter of LeftHand Rule

    There are lots of ‘chubby chasers’ who read Sheepshead Bites. Maybe the store can run a singles night too. Note to Maxwell Smart, I do not get your joke about Virginia, pls explain.

    • Maxwell Smart

      not a joke..plenty of plus sized women down here

      • Maxwell Smart

        many more % wise than in Sheepsheadbay

  • raylotekka

    The signage is just awful — from the actual sign to the day-glo window lettering. It just looks cheap.

    • It’s a temporary sign.

      • raylotekka

        Glad to read that. Too bad I didn’t read the article a little more closely, or I would have caught that. :)

  • d

    looks like all the money was spent on the lease because that sign is soooooo cheap looking

    • BlaBaBla

      They spent money on food…..more food..

    • As I noted in the article, it’s a temporary sign.

  • ES

    Anyone check out the website? The prices are just a tad bit steep. I mean, is it really necessary to charge $109 for a bra? Pfffft,

    • Katrina

      I just checked it out. The clothing is ugly as hell and looks cheap but is very expensive. Maybe the retail store is better, I hope so, because we could use more clothing stores in the area.

      • AK

        They import their products from Europe, so you are paying for a quality piece of clothing.

    • M. Smart

      might need plenty of material for their brassieres

    • raylotekka

      I did look at their website, and you’re right about the pricey bras. However, To be fair, I googled those bras, and this shop isn’t charging an exorbitant amount, they’re merely carrying high end product. Those bras are priced the same or higher on other websites. I compared prices on Bare Necessities site, as well as a few others. I wouldn’t spend more than $50 on a bra (and that’s seriously pushing it), but I also don’t buy expensive purses, and many women do.

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    That’s a good one.