Morning Mug: It Rhymes With Wax


That was what the photographer who shot this told me last night when I finally met him at Taste of Sheepshead Bay, and I proceeded to forget his name. Boy, talk about embarrassing moments.

Photo by Max Bolotov

Morning Mug is our daily showcase of photographs from our readers. If you have a photograph that you’d like to see featured, send them to [email protected].


  1. You still can, I will be at an award ceremony for a Brighton beach Photo contest January 30th at National Restaurant on Brighton beach. I might be featured there as one of the photographers who will get an award!

  2. Haha!!! You guys are wonderful, Erica, it was my pleasure to meet you as well! Ned, Thanks for the compliments, I am happy you guys enjoy my work :)

  3. 1) I really love this photo. Thanks Max.
    2) It’s *A* Taste of Sheepshead Bay.
    3) Max, Erica came up to me gushing “I just met Max!” after she met you. Just FYI.