Zair Cafe, a new restaurant serving “Russian & Eastern food,” is set to open soon at 2223 Avenue X, the corner of East 23rd Street.

The new restaurant replaces an Eastern European luncheonette and food mart. We’re not sure when it closed down, or if it’s the same ownership.

A sign in the window says it will open soon and will also have catering options. We wish the new cafe good luck.

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  • bruce b

    That part of Avenue X looks like a neighborhood whose time has passed, as if it used to be thriving, but now…. Think “Last Picture Show”….. I hope this place succeeds, adds some life to that strip.
    I put my cats to sleep at the vet around there back in 2007 and 2008, so it’s weird when I walk there.

  • Murry

    Avenue X is the Boot Hill of Sheepshead. Bay. Of all the possibilities, a Russian & Eastern Food joint, is likely the last thing that will succeed there. America may be paved with gold, but it sure the hell isn’t on ave X.

  • mike

    this place will not succeed. new owners get the place each time with updates made by the prior owner and delusions of grander. unless there is drugs or gambling on the menu, they will be out of buisness in one year.

  • E23rdER

    As far as I could tell the place was not fixed up or had any updates for years. It does look like the new restaurant owners put in some money to change things up inside. I also don’t think it’s the same owners, I saw various people look at the place when it was “for rent”. I must agree, I don’t think it can succeed at this location. I live just a few houses down and never been in the previous “restaurant”. Just a few doors down Ave. X there was a very short lived restaurant called Dvin. As far as I could tell they opened, closed and then reopened just to close again. When they just opened I tried to order from them but they only had half of the items from their menu and they said it would be about an hour for delivery. There was a dumpy looking fruit store about a year ago. So yeah this portion of X is not working out too well for businesses. Now if those gym guys would just quit rolling that huge tire down Avenue X, that would be lovely. It is super annoying, especially when your windows are open and it is 10PM.

  • Di Iv

    The place is under a new management. Very nice people. Friendly atmosphere and delicious food. Manty and Chebureki with special home made souce are marvelous.

  • Di Iv

    THey now serve delicious shrimps and exotic salads