We are really digging this sink.

Three Bedrooms and an Odd Pet Policy
Price: $2,900
Location: 2569 Ocean Avenue
Description: This apartment has to have the oddest pet policy I’ve ever seen. They will consider allowing a pet in the apartment if it weighs below 25 pounds. So you can bring a dog if it’s small, like a chihuahua, a dog  that perpetually shakes and spontaneously pisses on the floor. And if your cat is outrageously overweight, you’ll just have to go somewhere else. The apartment, according to the agent, is referred to as a “luxury condo the size of a house – 1,700 sq. ft.” It also has two terraces and the kitchen is complete with stainless steel appliances to handle your petite peeing pooch.
Contact:Mira Miller, (347) 776-9393

Two Bedroom in Gravesend
Price: $1,550
Location: East 3rd Street
Description: The apartment has been fully renovated and gas and electricity are included. There is a shopping district nearby, leading us to believe this either near Avenue X or Avenue U, although the listing doesn’t specify. Appliances are “updated,” so I guess they all have the latest OS.
Contact: Jacque Medina, (718) 908-0396

Two Bedrooms and Bathrooms
Price: $1,850
Location: 1496 East 28th Street
Description: This listing is calls this one a condo and says it has a small terrace. The place is on the sixth floor, but there isn’t any mention of an elevator so here’s your chance to get into shape. For all the appliances and granite counter tops, the true jewel in this listing is the sink in one of the bathroom. Bright orange and an organic shape, this piece is definitely worth it all.
Contact: Olga Natsentova of Maximillion Realty, (917) 627-4506

Studio Apartment in Trump Village
Price: $1,250
Location: 2940 Ocean Parkway
Description: So maybe this isn’t the SoHo Trump apartments. It was built by Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, so no preference is given for birthers. And while it doesn’t have limousines, there is a gym, a playground and laundry machines.
Contact: DSJ Realty, LLC (718)266-3700


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  • Danny

    A lot of manhattan co-ops have a similar pet policy.

  • Kevin P.

    Why? Small dogs can be incredibly annoying to the neighbors when they bark. A tenant in my building had one, and you could hear it from all over as the loud, high-pitched barking reverberated throughout the hallways. (The landlord eventually canceled their lease over this and they moved out. No dogs at all are allowed here, thank goodness.)

  • tommy

    These prices are silly. That fake luxury condo is way overpriced. This is not manhattan

  • Konstantin

    Don’t rent anything from Hollywood leasing, it’s a shithole.

  • Konstantin

    Don’t rent anything from Hollywood leasing. It’s a shithole.