A room available in the Sheepshead Bay Houses (Source: Craigslist via Post)

A New York Post report released over the weekend claims that residents of the Sheepshead Bay Houses on Nostrand Avenue are illegally subletting their taxpayer subsidized apartments for as little as $350 a month.

The Post reports:

Several ads for nightly or monthly sublets were posted on Craigslist last week, including a $650 room in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay Houses — which was swooped up in a few days.

“Huge room available immediately in a 3-bedroom apartment for rent,” the ad says. “Females only . . . no drugs, no smoking, no drama.”

The tenant, who listed a cellphone number and a New York City Housing Authority address, declared that two people could also share the room for $350 each.

… Meanwhile, another Sheeps­head Bay tenant posted “$400 public housing room for rent” on Craigslist on Dec. 11.

“If you are looking for a cheap furnished room then here you have it,” the resident wrote, adding, “[Two] month rent required to move in. First come first served.”

Only people authorized by the New York City Housing Authority may live in a NYCHA apartment, and those who break the rules can be fined and given the boot.

Meanwhile, 160,000 families are on NYCHA’s waiting list, and 55,000 tenants have been places in apartments that are too large for their needs.

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  • Alex

    Evict them immediately

  • NYC Cit

    What are the chances that NYCHA will actually persecute and evict these people? Slim to none is would be my guess. Or we will be seeing Al the Sharpie extorting taxpayers again for evicting “struggling drug-free, just-about-to-turn-your-life-around families”… And of course requiring IDs to enter public housing is violating people’s rights also.

  • Raphael

    Pepple will always try to get ahead…the ultimate question is why does local and federal govt programs continue to be corrupt. Honestly, how difficult is it to see that a three person family with no means to an apt can survive in a studio to 1 bedroom apt? Each person does not a bedroom. That’s entitlement. Instead, provide a family in need with the bare necessities then give them opportunities such as education assistance so that they can get out of public assistance.

  • ShadowLock

    True story, had a friend once living the sheepshead houses who did the same thing, he rented out a room to girls etc, difference was he installed a cctv in the wall completely hidden, so most girls had no privacy at all……… Becareful women, that’s all i can say.