Rocco's Bakery and Deli (Source: Google Maps)

Rocco’s Bakery and Deli (Source: Google Maps)

The $130 million winning Powerball ticket sold in Brighton Beach’s Rocco’s Bakery and Deli (117 Brighton Beach Avenue) still hasn’t been claimed a month after the drawing.

We told you about the local winning ticket in late-November, when Rocco’s Bakery made headlines for the sale and its jubilant manager, Salah Al-Sulaimani” was “doing cartwheels in the store” – likely because the business also receives a $10,000 bonus for making the sale.

But the ticket holder was a mystery at the time, and remains that way today.

According to News 12, lottery officials say an average of about $800 million in lottery prizes go unclaimed each year, largely because people don’t check their numbers when there’s no jackpot winner.

Check your numbers, folks! And then make sure to pass a few bucks to your favorite neighborhood news website.

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  • BrooklynBus

    Since in this case, the manager knows who the winning ticket belongs to, it is doubtful that the winner does not know. Perhaps, the ticket was misplaced, but in Canada the money was distributed although the ticket was lost. I wonder if we do that here. Why do I highly doubt we do?


      But the ticket holder was a mystery at the time, and remains that way today.

      Read damn you, read!

      • BrooklynBus

        But not a mystery to the winner which was my point.

    • max smart

      Its awfully hard to prove you’re the winner without the ticket which states it is a bearer instrument

  • Kriston Lewis

    Whomever it is, they’re smart. Wait until the hoopla dies down, get your affairs in order and then claim your prize. More often than not, people who run into a huge windfall also run into huge trouble.

    • AndTheWinnerIs…

      I’m just waiting for Sheepshead Bites to stop running articles, then I’ll cash in.