I am sure this is probably not an oak tree. If it is, yay! My headline matches the photo. If not, any arborists or botany experts out there know what this is?

Photo by Randy Contello / RandyCPhotography

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  • Marina

    It might be a London plane tree but I don’t see enough bark to tell… I only know trees a little :( also though maybe a linden tree. More bark!

  • Barbara

    Hard to say but London planetree Platanus x acerifolia – is the one around here with bark that sheds. (here’s hoping my tags work) This tree is related to sycamores, whose peeling bark is so pronounced that the top of the tree, when bare of leaves, looks white.

    • BrooklynBus

      Do you know the difference between a London Plane and a Sycamore? I can’t tell.