Wishing all of you a happy and a healthy New Year!

Photo by Max Bolotov

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  • BrooklynBus

    Wow it’s a UFO carrying away our storm damaged trees and a few apartment buildings as well! Ned, why wasn’t this the top news story?

    • bruce b

      Well, George Carlin explained the priorities in the news with this routine from the 60′s
      “Huge rocks falling from the sky. Missiles fired at Moscow and Washington. DETAILS IN HALF AN HOUR…… But first, a word about…. HAIR CARE”….
      Everyone have a happy new year. May we live as long as we want, but never want as long as we live.

      • BrooklynBus

        Thanks. That answers my question.

  • nolastname

    Well done Max. Happy, Healthy to you and yours.

  • jboy61

    how do you do this?