J’Adore Paris of 1616 Sheepshead Bay Road closed its doors for good on Sunday after two and a half years in operation.

The upscale clothing store has had a “store closing” clearance sign up for the past month or so. We stopped in last week and the owner told us that it was closing for good on December 1. She declined to elaborate on the cause of the closing.

The business opened up in mid-2011, replacing Felicita, another clothing store.

We wish the owners the best of luck on their future endeavors.

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  • bruce b

    The yogurt place by the train station had paper on its windows for a couple of days. I thought it was closing too, but yesterday I saw the paper off, and they were doing a good business. Whew! What was the paper-on-the-windows deal with that?

  • ES

    Oh. Look who you’ve captured in your photo, all the way to the right. That guy.

    • Ned Berke

      That guy is a bigger local celebrity than me.

      • ES

        He’s no Crazy George.

    • NYC Cit

      That creep is an incident waiting to happen. He’s obviously mentally unstable, the way he looks at girls and women is unsettling. I saw him one time on the train and he was throwing a fit of rage, I thought he was gonna fight someone in the car. Why wouldn’t police take him off the streets? Another protected class citizen who contributes nothing but lowering property values in our neighborhood.

  • M. Smart

    I like how an article of a store’s closing becomes one of the neighborhoods homeless

  • Boris

    Yummy Taco/China is also no more – they “merged” with Top Taco/China, something I found out when I went to pick up my take-out order. The sign at Yummy directs you to Top China. Ultimately, they are about the same for quality (a slight step up from fast food), but I always chose Yummy since they were faster and less likely to screw up the order.

  • RKramden

    If I ever meet anyone looking to open up anything on Sheepshead Bay Road, I’m gonna direct them to this site, and the countless articles featuring the retail victims of this poor thoroughfare.

    • sheepsheadbayisintrouble

      the problem is you have a couple of the worst landlords who own most of the empty or newly empty properties along Sheepshead Bay Rd. Hurricane Sandy created an opportunity for these landlords to build up their properties so that they can collect higher rents using insurance money they were paid for said property. The Kallas family or Waldorf Realty (their other corp name) being the biggest “screw you” landlords in the area. Someone should do a story on how many businesses were moved or shut down due to them being screwed by this wicked bunch.

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