Sweet living room.

When we wrote last month about a Craigslist post advertising a penthouse apartment at the Oceana Condominium & Club up for rent for the low, low price of $6,500 a month, we were a little disappointed that the listing didn’t have any photos.

At $6,500, the listing is easily the most expensive rental unit we know about in Southern Brooklyn. And, having seen some fairly swanky units at the Oceana – like this everything-Versace penthouse, or this surprisingly classy duplex - I was really hoping to catch a glimpse of the interior. Would there be the ubiquitous Italian marble and cherrywood floors? Would there be top-of-the-line appliances? How about a purple theme with gold trims, that much-loved color combo of royalty?

Alas, no. A new post is out on Craigslist, this time with photos. It’s rather pedestrian. Regular ol’ parquet flooring and a kitchen that looks like it’s out of any of the $150,000 co-ops available int he area.

Still, it’s a pretty nifty space. A $150,000 co-op isn’t likely to have a balcony with a sweet ocean view and an impressively-sized living room.

But for $6,500 a month? Can we at least get a petite lap giraffe with that?

Oh, and if you’re just looking to test out life in the luxurious Oceana building, there’s a two-bedroom unit on AirBnB for just $150 a night.


Half used roll of toilet paper included.


But light bulbs? Not so much.


Wait. I thought the boardwalk bathrooms were going to be 300 feet tall. How come I can still see the ocean?


Nice fridge, bro.


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  • ripoff

    penthouse? really? looks like someones basement… that kitchen is horrible, bathroom looks like my grandmas and tiny bedroom. sad

  • Ezra MD

    Get a life and leave Oceana alone. No need to occupy your 3 brain cells with its prices/ renos/ owners because you will NEVER be able to come even close to affording it! Point blank

    • sadeyes

      “you will NEVER be able to come even close to affording it!”

      There’s plenty of people with much more money than you & they don’t brag about it because they have class & are well-educated & you don’t & are not. Only insecure people yak on about how rich they are, or want others to think how rich they are. You should get a life yourself, one that doesn’t require you to be comparing yourself with others to be confident you’re on top of dollar mountain.

      MD, hey? Manners Deficient? Mentally Deranged? Must Disparage? Medical Driver (as in ambulettes)?

      • Ezra MD

        Don’t worry about how much money who has. Just rot in your co-op for all I care. Btw well-educated people don’t buy in co-ops because they are shitty investment and restrictive as prisons. But for a medical driver such as your loser husband co-op must be a dream house.

        I am a Medical Doctor, thank you very much, but treating sexually deprived women is not my area of expertise, so please go elsewhere.

        • sadeyes

          I say you are lying & are NOT a medical doctor & you can’t prove on this forum that you are.

  • Phillip

    haters will hate (from their basements on coney island avenue)

  • Oceana Owner

    Please stop hating Oceana!!! you have nothing else to write about?

    • EndHateForBathroom

      Make a deal with you. Don’t fight the bathroom, and I’ll stop hating on the Oceana!

  • citizen

    There are dozens of news to report but Oceana seams to remain a hot topic. Why?

  • Emmons Owner

    Nobody hates Oceana. The author is trying to show how overprised this place is. That is all. Maybe you should not read it next time if it makes you so unhappy!!

  • BayResident

    As a frequent reader of Sheepshead Bites and semi-active member of the community (who by the way has no problem affording an apt in Oceana) I demand that you post MORE about Oceana. Preferably with amusing captions and commentary. Watching them get so upset over it is even more hilarious than the articles themselves.

    • levp

      I concur on all counts.

    • Stan_LS

      I got a chuckle out of people hating on Oceana. The bitterness is telling.

  • raylotekka

    I don’t get the pricing on this unit. Moreover, I’m utterly shocked by the look of the kitchen, nor is the bathroom very attractive. The Oceana was built when? Wasn’t it sometime after 2000? However, the fixtures and cabinetry on both kitchen & bathroom are more reminiscent of something done in the early 90′s, at best.

  • Oceana Owner

    Ok, to make this discussion end. I am an owner of Oceana and also a real estate agent. Over the years, I have seen prices in Oceana for both sale and rent increase for the main reason: People want to live there and have no issue paying for the luxury. Once you live in Oceana, you understand that there is no other place like it in Brooklyn. You feel safe. You have a gym, pool, sauna, etc. The $6500 for a penthouse is a little too much, but I am sure there will be someone who will pay to live there. STOP HATING B!CHES!

    • sadeyes

      You can stop being rude & learn how to spell.

  • OccupyTooExpensive

    Occupy Oceana! On second thought, nah, it’s too expensive.

    • Kriston Lewis

      It’s possible, just get two roommates.

  • JustMe

    My building was built BRICK BY BRICK. The overpriced Oceana Buildings are all prefabricated. I used to watch them put the building together and I couldn’t believe that instead of building it brick by brick, they did it the CHEAP WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vasya

    Bathroom and kitchen are the cheap garbage that developer put in. most people who bought there spent another $50k to replace them.

    • Oceana rules the world

      These losers don’t get it… Most of them don’t even have $50 to their name, let alone ever being able to buy a multimillion dollar property and dropping a few large ones to renovate it to their taste. You are preaching to the wrong e.i. broke, bitter and jealous choirs

  • bby

    The Ocean View is nice. But the rest is crap, even terrace. I’d rather rent near Battery Park with the view on New Jersey.

  • nauticalstar

    THAT’s $6,500/mo? Pathetic.

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  • bikerchick

    The $6,500 is for the view, that’s about it. It is a beautiful view, but knock $3,000 off the price and then maybe you’ll get a sucker or two.

  • vintagejames

    The door handles on the fridge are on the wrong side. And that is just the start.

    • BrooklynBus

      There is no wrong side. The door opening is usually reversible. Most likely, the previous owner was left handed and wanted it that way. On some refrigerators, it can be easily changed. Perhaps not on this one. You would need a closeup of the picture to see for certain.

      • sadeyes

        & if it can’t be changed, if that’s the biggest complaint, so what? Nit-picking.

        • bananarama

          actually, it’s not. i used to have a refrigerator opening into a wall, same as the one in the picture, and can attest to it being a major pain.

  • jboy61

    $6,500 for the view