The long-lived China Max Restaurant at 2261 Emmons Avenue served its last pu-pu platter.

The business closed up some time in the past two weeks, and a “For Lease” sign now sprawls across the storefront. The business had at first placed an “under renovation” sign up, but that renovation doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

We don’t know why it closed, though we’ve heard rumors that a proposed rent hike led to a disagreement between landlord and tenant. Employees at Siam Orchid Thai Cuisine next door said they weren’t sure, and noted that they did not share ownership and the Thai restaurant isn’t going anywhere.

Thanks to the many, many people who contacted us about this. If the sheer number of readers who took an interest in the closure is any indication, it’s clear the restaurant will be missed.

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  • RomanG

    Finally, since the storm the food there was horrible…

  • BrooklynBus

    I went there only once many years ago and never returned.

  • rcameo

    I ate there and had home delivery. I always enjoyed the food. I will miss them.

  • guest

    Siam is delicious. Mmm Mmm…

    • Nursie

      Next time–look at the kitchen on your way to the bathroom..NEVER AGAIN..

  • walter

    I really liked their food. That was the only place I’d go for chinese. Since it closed I have no idea where I would go get chinese.

    • Murry

      Walter, try ChopStix 3790 nostrand Ave. ( 718 ) 891-0391 or 891-0392. Has been there for many years, always good food.

      • Kriston Lewis

        Might give them a try. The one thing I’ve missed since moving here was decent Chinese food.

      • Nursie


    • ekelks

      Yes, me too, so I tried Chopstix on Nostrand between Y & Z. And it was excellent.

  • EndofDaze

    I think it’s a bit ironic, our new Chinese (like our eastern Slavic friends) amigos, keep pouring into a variety of our southern Brooklyn locales, yet a number of Chinese restaurants ( for additional example, by favorite Kar! on E.59th, more ironically, now replaced by none other than, a Sushi joint?!) keep closing down!! Go figure?!!! Oy!

  • Rebecca

    China Max will be missed. I had a number of my birthday parties in the back room they had. It was one of my favorites.

  • Gorgeous Sexxeee Meee

    Hubby and I went tonight, (Dec 5) for dinner- and were shocked to see it closed! As a rule, we don’t eat Chinese food- I despise it! However, it’s the only place we ever went. It was excellent quality- and immaculate! In the summer, we always dined outside with friends, and made a nice night out of it. Our family has had many celebrations over the years at China Max. We are really going to miss it! Short of going to Chinatown- absolutely nowhere in Bkyln for Chinese food. We don’t do the take out places- they are all lousy, and filthy dirty. Will most likely never eat Chinese food again.

  • Jim Beam

    China Max and Chopstix are the only 2 chinese places I use(d). They are more expensive, but this is because you are actually getting the real thing (seemingly anyway)

  • Nursie

    I always picked food up-had delivered or ate there and LOVED it!!

  • ekelks

    I will miss them.

  • Mark

    I also enjoyed dining here and ordering food. I wonder what happened?

  • gilly

    We are heart broken drove all the way there from LI for the past 20 yrs, my kids thought I was kidding we just ate there the end of October!

  • David Steigbigel

    I called them tonight. First time in about a month and was shocked that the numbers were disconnected. One of the last decent Chinese places in the area.

    • MUSCLE13

      Now the Thai restaurant next door is closed too…….Was a great restaurant

      • David Steigbigel

        That sucks. I was actually going to call them this past weekend. They had good food. All the good places that deliver are closing

      • sadeyes

        Could it be that new rental agreements were too expensive for them both to operate? Rents that only chain restaurants could afford? Ned, is there a story here?

        • MUSCLE13

          Seriously doubt a chain goes into that Thai restaurant space. Much too small. Will miss Saim Orchid. They just took out the fish tank :(

          • brooklynq

            Maybe now we can get a real Thai restaurant. Sorry Muscle13 – their food sucked. I won’t miss it at all.

  • evon

    i had gone there for years…………..i live in a different area of brooklyn and made it a point to go there as i can’t find chinese food that was comparable in brooklyn. now…….i have no where to go.

  • Subway Stinker

    As you can see, many readers disagree about the quality of Chinese food in Brooklyn and argue what is ‘good’ restaurant. Generally, the full service restaurants have better take away than the Kitchen style take-outs that dot our neighborhood. I recently started to visit Pings Place on Ave U near Ocean Av. If you live in Bkly Hts I endorse Lichee Nut on Montague. It has been there for decades and is outstanding.

  • Doobieman99

    If you want some great Chinese food ,try New China Sun on Flatbush ave. at ave R, this is a large restaurant with great food, and the only place you can real chow mien,sautéed , they are very busy, but worth the wait.

  • Mark

    I Have have a good news for opera cafe lounge customer they took both place Siam and China max we will not wait for a table