Dmitriy Kanarikov, the father, is seen here on the Canal in Manhattan Beach

A father threw his toddler son off the roof of a 52-story Manhattan building on Sunday before also leaping. Both were pronounced dead on the scene.

The father was a resident of Sheepshead Bay and had recently gone through a bitter divorce, according to the Associated Press.

Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, landed on 425 West 59th Street and his son’s body landed on 455 West 59th Street, according to an article by DNAinfo.

Kanarikov picked up his son, Kirill Kanarikov, Sunday morning at the NYPD’s 17th Precinct in Manhattan. He was supposed to return his son to the boy’s mother that same day but instead went to the roof of a relative’s building just before noon, where he took his fatal plunge.

Kanarikov’s Facebook features photos of the family on a beach. In one of the pictures, the father is carrying his ex-wife in his arms and in another the sand is imprinted with the father, mother and son’s feet.

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  • Local Broker

    Take his picture down. Every time some sick bastard does evil everyone puts their pictures up. Whats the point?

    • Ned Berke

      When we were trying to ascertain whether he lived in the neighborhood, it appears there are a few people in the area with the same name. I would not want someone to confuse the person who did this with someone they know and did not do this, so the photo is informational.

      • Oceana rules the world

        He lived in Mill Bassin. Maybe do you homework before “reporting” your news… Or you are too busy combing through Craig’s list ads concerning Oceana

      • sadeyes

        I thought he & wife were separated. Maybe she has the home in Mill Basin & he lived elsewhere.

        Sickening story “If I can’t have him You can’t either, I know how to really hurt you Forever.”
        Imagine that poor baby’s thoughts as he fell. The fear. I hate this story.

      • CrappyNewsNetwork

        Dmitriy A Kanarikov
        2525 E 24th St, Unit 1
        Brooklyn, NY 11235

        That is Sheepshead Bay. Ned, don’t listen to these fools; keep doing a great job.

        • bruce b

          As Samuel Goldwyn once said: “don’t listen to your critics. Don’t even ignore them”…. Don’t know what that means, but i’ll think of anything except this abhorrent story.

          • M. Smart

            Believe it means don’t give them any credibility

        • Phil Rosenthal

          as ned stated, there are a few people in this area with the same name, how do we know this is the one? other than sheepshead bites NO ONE has officially reported this man as being from sheepshead bay. some have said mill basin, most are just saying he was from brooklyn. i really dont give a shit either way but if the guy wasnt from sheepshead then theres no point for a local sheepshead bay blog to report on him

        • Alex C

          Jesus Christ! If you look up that address in Google maps on Street View there is a small boy on the steps of that house. Was that his son?

  • bagels

    So sad..

  • bruce b

    Just plain sickening.

  • Phil Rosenthal

    looks like he was indeed from mill basin. according to a times article he purchased a home there in january. where did you get your facts from?

    • Phil Rosenthal

      also theres no mention of sheepshead bay in the AP article you cited

      • BrooklynBound

        He bought a house in mill basin this year. He may have lived in sheepshead bay before that.

  • Murry

    Stories like this make you realize how thin the line is between sanity and insanity.

  • John Doe

    Hard to believe more than one person with this name