cpr2CPR Cell Phone Repair celebrated its soft opening yesterday at 1732 Sheepshead Bay Road.

It’s the second Brooklyn location for the franchise, which repairs cell phones, tablets and other electronics, and also sells accessories.

One cool thing to note is that if you’ve got old cell phones you want to get rid of, they have recycling bins inside to do so responsibly.

The business replaces the long-lived Bay Sports, which closed up shop after Superstorm Sandy.

Glad to see a new business on Sheepshead Bay Road. Best of luck!

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  • JR

    guarantee this place goes out of business quick. Who fixes their cellphones? sounds like a front to me

    • http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/ Ned Berke

      Uh, a lot of people fix their cellphones. I’ve had my cell phones fixed. Who the hell wants to pay $600 out of pocket when their smartphone’s screen cracks and they’re not due for an upgrade?

      • JR

        which is why you’re supposed to insure your phone?

    • ES

      That’s a lot like asking, “Who fixes their plumbing,” or “Who fixes their car?” Things break. If you have capital, ingenuity and skill, you make a business out of fixing peoples’ broken stuff.

    • bruce b

      I just got a new iphone because I cracked the screen of my old phone (iphone4, almost 3 years old). Instead of discarding it, I’m going to fix it up, give it to an 11 year old as a Christmas present. She doesn’t need it as a phone, can use all the internet, camera, music features of it. This is a kid who comes from an environment where, how can I put it, she will greatly appreciate such a gift.
      I’m sorry I didn’t see this store, gave it in on AvenueU to a Chinese computer store that I’ve done business with in the past.
      If what you say is true, JR, I’m greatly surprised. Why would someone not fix a phone, especially something like a cracked screen, which is easily reapairable?

  • yourmommaisaman

    they will be out of business quick…I agreee.A screen here and there will not pay rent,plus they don’t look russian.

    • Anthonia Farfalli

      who cares if they’re Russian, or Martian? I only care that my phone, computer or tablet can be fixed without me shelling out the insurance deductible, or heaven forbid, a brand new phone!