NYPD handout

NYPD handout

Police are hunting a suspect believed to be behind a brazen, broad-daylight knockout attack in Midwood, in a which a mother was assaulted while she walked with her 7-year-old daughter.

The suspect, above, slugged the 33-year-old woman in the back of the head at 2:45 p.m. on Sunday, at East 12th Street and Elm Avenue, just south of Avenue M. He fled on foot.

The woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to Maimonides Hospital. The child was unharmed.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5-foot-8-inches with short braids. He was wearing a black wool cap, green jacket and dark-colored jeans. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477).

[Sources: NY Post, Hamodia]

UPDATE (5:24 p.m.): Coucilman-elect Chaim Deutsch has put out a press release regarding the incident, and included with it a list of safety tips worth sharing:

Because the perpetrator(s) responsible for these vicious attacks are still at large, Councilman-elect Deutsch strongly encourages the community to consider the following suggestions:

-Always be aware of your surroundings -Walk in well lit and populated areas
-Be cautious of a suspicious person or group.
-Never allow yourself to become distracted by your cell phone, head phones etc.
-Always know your location in case you need to call for help.

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  • Murry

    When this punk is spotted I hope someone beats the shit out of him before dialing 911.

    • Choco

      I hope they drag him in the park and crush his face, then break his legs with a baseball bat.

    • ShadowLock

      What if, this person looks identical to some other kid who was at home playing World of Warcraft? and he gets slugged and beaten up for a mistake?

      Then what?

      • guest

        That can even happen with a jury. So I guess the solution is to never punish anybody. That will solve your objection. The only person hurt is the original victim, but then again, not too many people care about him/her, do they.

      • Choco

        oh well, he should of stayed home.

      • Choco

        besides if he looks like the dude in the sketch then he’s probably a punk anyway….and he needs a good leg breakin and face smashing.

      • adopt from a shelter

        What if it wasn’t world of warcraft? What if it was call of duty?

        • Murry

          Why did you leave the shelter?

      • Murry

        I would suggest that all the punks out there who happen to resemble this coward do a quick makeover.

      • CrappyNewsNetwork

        He will cast fear, vampiric embrace, shadow word pain, fear again, shadow bolt, and gg.

      • holypallypussie

        if he a failed lock with low dps then he should also get beaten

        • CrappyNewsNetwork

          More dots more dots more dots.. ok stop dots.

  • SpewHole


    ^ Interesting point brought to my attention by the moderator of a Midwood Facebook group. The image source:


    But I’m troubled that this flyer isn’t posted on nypd.gov and by how The Yeshiva World does not state their source. Does anyone know how to get their hands on an “official” NYPD flyer?

    • http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/ Ned Berke

      Yes, it’s a real story. Being a suspect in a crime IS a probable cause for arrest, by the way.

      As for Yeshiva World News, their “source” is a Chaim Deutsch press release. That’s the full release, verbatim, even though they do not mark it as such.

      • SpewHole

        Thanks. The “suspect only” statement seemed oxymoronic to me as well, hence my doubts and source-searching.

        I am intrigued by what appears to be special-access to the wanted flyer. I honestly tried to find it on my own at nypd.gov and was unsuccessful. Do you have to be a Councilman-elect to reach that level of clearance or am I just blind?

        • http://www.sheepsheadbites.com/ Ned Berke

          Kind of. The way it has been explained to me is that they need to be cleared by 1PP before being distributed to the public, and they don’t do it for everything. A local precinct might send it out to community leaders though. The whole routine seems kind of silly to me – if you have a sketch, send it out as wide as possible, right? I told them I wanted every sketch they put out because I can get it out faster and to more people in the area than anyone else, but they can’t do that for whatever reason.

          • Kriston Lewis

            This makes no sense. I see posters like these at token booths all the time, I saw a few posted on buses recently without a sketch.

  • a good neighbor

    -Always be aware of your surroundings -Walk in well lit and populated areas: check
    -Be cautious of a suspicious person or group: check
    -Never allow yourself to become distracted by your cell phone, head phones etc.: check
    -Always know your location in case you need to call for help.: check
    but none of these matters if you get knocked out out of nowhere.
    how about FSSP steps up to its game and patrol the neighborhood more often? i hardly see any of them. when i do see them, they are always speeding with lights and sirens not rushing to any real emergency at all. yes i witnessed that several times already. do they actually get funding from the city? and do they get approved by NYPD to run lights and sirens?


      FSSP received numerous grants from City Council and elected officials.

      The fact that Deutsch worked for a City Council member that he received grants to his NOT FOR PROFIT is a conflict of interest. The entire FSSP connection to Deutsch is CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

      FSSP barely patrols the district that Deutsch ran for (CD 48).

      Boro Park Shomrim does an amazing job – why? Because it consists of members that live and work in Boro Park.

      Yes they have done some good work for us during Sandy and what not, but so did many.

      FSSP primarily patrols the confines of 63 & 70 precincts where many of it’s members live.

      I don’t blame the members for patrolling and caring about the area where they live.

      Bottom line Mr. Deutsch, if you really care, your FSSP needs volunteers from our neck of the woods who can do the best job being the eyes and ears for the NYPD.

      Or US – residents of Sheepshead Bay and surrounding areas need to form our own Civilian Observation Patrol – without the silly name “Shomrim” and without Deutsch’s politics.

      PS: Don’t claim FSSP does a good job here because every so often a big bus of theirs is parked in Manhattan Beach or Sheepshead Bay.

      • Kriston Lewis

        Agreed, but I think we do need a clever name for our patrol. How ’bout: M.O.P. – Midwood on Patrol – We’ll mop the floor with ya.

        What, no takers? This is my best material here!