Midwood’s own Adelman’s Kosher Deli on 1906 Kings Highway closed earlier this year. But a new food cart claiming to be affiliated with the now defunct deli opened up recently, according to a CBS New York article . Katz & Dogz, as the cart is called,  mainly goes around the Manhattan but comes to “Brooklyn” on Friday. Not real Brooklyn, but whatevs.

Here is the whole schedule as it appears in the article:

Mon – 52nd & 6th

Tues – 23rd & Park

Wed – 22nd & 5th

Thurs – 46th & 6th

Fri – Williamsburg, Bedford St between 4th & 8th St

Adelman’s Deli had been operating for over 60 years and in 2006 a Muslim Egyptian bought the place. But as we reported, Adelman’s Deli has since closed and hasn’t reopened.

The newest operation of the cart continues the tradition of serving “Jewish soul food” on their menu with items like pastrami or corned beef on rye bread and some mustard.

If you work in an area where this truck, serving “Reuben Orgasms,” is making the rounds, let us know how it compares to the old Adelman’s. Oh, and bring us sample!

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  • ReligionAndCultureAreDifferent

    What does eating pastrami on rye have to do with being Jewish? About as much as eating baguettes has to do with being Catholic or eating naan bread has to do with being Hindu.

    Once again, the (secular) culture of so-called Ashkenazi Jews is falsely represented as ‘Jewish culture’

    • BayResident

      Dude… chill out and enjoy a sandwich.

  • BayResident

    Katz and Dogz has a cart near my job every day (the picture is of the truck, they have a cart as well). I’ve tried the pastrami on rye once and it was quite good. Don’t think I’ve ever had the change to try Adelman’s so I can’t compare, but I will say that at $10 per sandwich I was still kind of hungry after lunch. It was stuffed with pastrami but somehow still a small sandwich. Taste-wise, it was pretty good. To the extent that if I tried to bring one back for you it would get eaten before ever reaching Brooklyn. Brooklyn Brooklyn.

  • RKramden

    So long as Katz’s on Houston is still open, I could care less if every other Pastrami spot were to go away. Evidence of this would be this truck’s not so subtle reference to the king of NY pastrami.

    Once you go Katz’s, you never go back. This truck is an imposter!!