Photo by Robert Fernandez

Photo by Robert Fernandez

Care Fast Pharmacy is now open at 3771 Nostrand Avenue.

The signs have been up for a few weeks as the storefront was being stocked, and the business opened its doors for the first time in the past week or so.

While there’s generally a lot of griping around here about the number of pharmacies in Sheepshead Bay, I’ll point out that this stretch of Nostrand Avenue is not really all that well served by independent, mom-and-pop drug stores, so it’s a welcome addition.

Good luck, Care Fast!

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  • bruce b

    Give the cross-street, man, give the cross-street. Don’t make us work at learning google map

    • Ned Berke

      Ave Y. Lazy bum.

      • bruce b

        hey. i’m not lazy.

  • NYC Cit

    Barely open a couple of days this pharmacy already looks like it’s been there for 20 years… at least throw a fresh coat of paint on this b!tch.