It’s amazing how quickly nature takes its toll on man-made objects. And even more amazing how long it takes to clean it all up.

The photo above was sent to us by Michael Goldstein, director of Enrollment Marketing and Public Outreach at Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard).

Goldstein said that the vessel sank during Superstorm Sandy and, nearly a year later, has yet to be pulled from the Bay’s muck. In just the past year, algae has sprouted all over it and chunks have rotted away, with barnacles attaching themselves to what remains. It’s also proven quite the home for fish to take refuge in, although they’re not as safe as they think: Goldstein witnessed an unidentified bird dive into the water to scoop its lunch out.

Goldstein wrote to us:

Took this one of a sunken ship from Sandy in Sheepshead bay-by the Kingsborough Marina. You should see the Barnacles all over it. A very small school of fish was swimming in and out of it and a bird brown with a long beak was diving down and chowing on them.

He added that as FEMA money begins pouring in, the school will begin rebuilding the docks destroyed by Sandy soon.

Anyone know of any other boats sunken by Sandy still wallowing in the murky depths of the Bay?

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  • JR

    There’s an unclaimed boat off the A train going into Rockaway. Sunken ones though, not too sure

  • stutag

    If you are looking for sunken boats, inside of Gerritsen Creek,
    there are at least a dozen sunken boats…
    While the owners may be legally responsible to have them removed, no one seems to pay much attention…
    The Coast Guard will indicate that it is the Army Corp of Engineers that
    should be taking them away, but that doesn’t seem to happen. For years,even before Sandy, property has been purchased with docks, that one assumes
    the new owners had the desire to build condos, burt nothing has happened, except that the docks have all broken apart,and floating debris is a hazard to navigation, but nothing is being done about it.

  • Knicksmets

    Interesting . . . shipwrecks off Sheepshead Bay.

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