Several readers got in touch this morning to let us know that the FDNY had blocked off Jerome Avenue at East 17th Street.

Authorities arrived at approximately 8:20 a.m. and began to investigate a barrel left on the sidewalk, adjacent to the bank.

“It looks like they were investigating a  black oil drum that was standing on Jerome. The East 17 approach and Jerome were blocked off but people were still allowed to walk through,” said Gene, a Sheepshead Bites tipster. “They were gently tapping on it and kind of just poking around.”

The streets have since reopened. We have sent out a request for information to the FDNY and will update this post if we hear back.

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  • Boris

    the oil drum reminded me of breaking bad’s cash barrels. It was there probably over a week already and only today someone came to look at it..pretty funny.

    • ShadowLock

      lmao YEA!

  • Tuth

    It was later revealed that the barrel contained Storobins hopes for winning the November election. The barrel has been properly disposed off.

  • Andrew Kent

    I guess the gang’s all here.

  • Arthur Borko

    Did you ever hear back?