New 7-Eleven Opens Underneath Avenue J Train Station

(Source: 5301 Fishbowl via

East 16th Street and Avenue J. (Source: 5301 Fishbowl via

People looking for some cheap hot coffee while waiting in line for some Di Fara Pizza (1424 Avenue J) this winter have a new place to visit. A brand new 7-Eleven has opened at 1523 Avenue J at the corner of East 16th Street in Midwood.

Cafe 16 previously occupied the spot right next to the stairs that lead up to the Manhattan bound Q trains. Thanks to 5301 Fishbowl for posting the image on the subchat message boards.

  • a good neighbor

    will it be closed from sun down on Friday to Saturday too? :)

    • ShadowLock


  • Mary P

    They are also making one on Coney Island Ave and Beverly Rd…

  • ShadowLock

    kinda far from sheepsheadbay don’t you think?

  • Chaim L.

    didnt that used to a falafel joint yrs ago

  • Senor Cagar

    Wow, another 7-Eleven Who Cares!!. It’s like we don’t have enough of these corporate controlled chain stores already. Why can’t a locally owned mom & pop business open there instead. Our depressed economy needs it.

  • nauticalstar

    Went in there on Tuesday night… what chaotic shit storm that place is.