Funkiberry Opens Up On Avenue U, Ocean Avenue



Is frozen yogurt the new sushi? Well, I guess we’re not quite there yet. But another frozen yogurt, this one called Funkiberry, has opened up at 2001-A Avenue U, right on the corner of Ocean Avenue.

The location used to be a pharmacy.

Good luck, Funkiberry!


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  2. Big Bad Schwarzer on

    I used to eat there (like clockwork) every Saturday afternoon about 10 years ago. Great hot dogs & knishes and Stewarts Cream Soda.

  3. Old Schwarzer on

    That used to be “The Deli Corner” before the few russian “Antekas” that preceded it. That was a much better deli than Jay & Lloyd”s

  4. mmmm. Was just there. Had vanilla yogurt with honey and blueberries. It was awesome! And I’m a chocoholic!

  5. I grew up a few blocks away and I remember the elderly woman used to split open a hot potato knish and then split a hot dog and place it inside the knish for me. It was the ultimate frank-in-blanket, slathered in deli mustard…delicious memories!! They were a lovely couple and it was a full-service, old school kosher deli.

  6. Hmmm … I recall that as one of the last Jewish delis left in Brooklyn; used to buy corned beef, etc., sandwiches in addition to knishes. Did it later become just a hot dog place?

  7. Old Sheepshead Hand on

    Wasn’t that hot dog place a full blown deli? I had pastrami sandwiches in there. The old lady there may as well have been my own bubbe.

    Wither the kosher deli. Wither indeed.

  8. I loved the hotdog place too — but I don’t remember an elderly lady who worked there. There was always a red-headed guy with male pattern baldness and a moustache whenever my parents and I went there.

  9. It was the knishes I went for. And the people were so very nice.

    I was told that they wanted to retire and their kids were busy with careers. Too bad they didn’t try to sell the business.

  10. barkingspider07 on

    these yogurt places are popping up all over the neighborhood, just like cell phone stores

  11. Wow……….you just ignited memories in my head!!!

    There was an elderly lady who worked there………

    Awesome Knishes too!!!!