Bill Murray hanging out with some Avenue U fans (Photo courtesy of Dominick Arabia)

Bill Murray (center, back row) hanging out with some Avenue U fans (Photo courtesy of Dominick Arabia)

The odds of Bill Murray moving to Southern Brooklyn might be growing as long as people like Dominick Arabia and his family keep up the friendly community relations.

Previously, we reported on the exciting Murray activity near Avenue U as he is filming the movie St. Vincent with stars Naomi Watts, Melissa McCarthy, and Chris O’Dowd. Reader Dominick Arabia sent us the following message on his interaction with Murray that led to the photo presented above:

[Bill Murray] was shooting his new movie on Avenue U in Brooklyn yesterday 08/18/2013. It was great, as Bill and Niami Watts had their campers parked 10 feet from my home on East 16th . At the end of the day, Bill Murray was returning back to his camper and came directly over to my home where my family and some of my kids friends were sitting outside on our porch. Bill came over and said hello. He said to us that he really liked our house and was admiring the brick work. We said thank you, and asked if we can get a picture with him. He replied, how about if I sit with you guys on the stoop, and had his security person who was also great, take pictures of all of us sitting on our porch. Bill was wonderful, after a long day of work to take the time to sit with some fans like a regular guy. He spoke with my wife Carmela, and both my sons, Michael and Marcello along with my son’s girlfriend  Stephanie and all my son’s friends. It was a great 15 minutes or so with Bill and a memorable evening for all of us as fans.

I am a HUGE Bill Murray fan, like millions of others, and it pleases me to no end to learn how cool and down to earth the man is in real life. Thanks for the picture and the story, Dominick. I am officially pumped up to see St. Vincent now.

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  • Lisanne!

    Everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Bill Murray is indeed blessed. He has a very giving way and genuinely likes people.

  • Noel

    It looks like the doors have Christmas wreaths on them.

    • BklynGal

      Whatsamatta u? You never heard of Chistmas in July? They are early.

  • nauticalstar

    I’m the idiot who didn’t go over there, especially after my father INSISTED I go after he ate at 3 Star on Friday night. *slaps head*

    • Jesus

      Christ, no one gives a fud!

  • Riccardo G. Giannone

    I met him once when he was filming Ghost Busters II and I am sorry to say he wasn’t such a nice guy!! He was pretty much a dick to me. I can’t even watch Taps anymore!

    • Ned Berke

      I refuse to believe this. You must have had it coming. :P

      Maybe he was just having a bad day. Or maybe he’s mellowed with age. GB2 was a long time ago…

  • Roman

    I grew up on that block and my mom still lives there. I know Dominic and he is a great guy. Good for you Dom got to hang with a legend like Bill Murray. Loved him in Cady Shack

  • nicole

    *Whispers* No one will believe you…

  • EndofDaze

    While Murray is a good humorist from the second city of Chicago, who no doubt has done some fine work, it amazes me how many southern Brooklynites, enthralled in our booming times, could go ga ga over such a seasoned comic, as if his presence among us is as if the Pope was in our midst! Some perspective, and sense of history is needed… A while back, there was this seminal film comedy, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World! which included not one, or three, but FIVE, comic sons of Bensonhurst, and the Old Borough Park! Two of the Stooges, Hackett, Silvers, and Stang! Go over to Avenue M and about east 14th Street, and peek behind the towering red brick building on the corner, and you might be able to see a much older building, and an old water tower. That was Vitagraph Studios, basically where Hollywood started, before heading to Tinsel Town! I could go on, and on, with David, and some Bay representatives too! Bill Murray in our neighborhoods is certainly welcome! Yawn………………………..!!!

    • Phil Rosenthal

      wtf did i just read?

    • Willie Simpson

      This post, while well written and informative, makes no sense.

    • Knightmare6

      Different people like different celebrities. If the Pope was in the neighborhood, some people might not care, while others will go into bat-shit fangirl mode. While Brooklyn may have had an illustrious past in the history of Hollywood, it currently doesn’t (maybe in the future with Steiner Studios, again?). Not sure what your post was trying to say in the end, but all I see in the article was Bill Murray was in a good mood and took time to chill with some fans. I’ll take that any day over an actor who ignores the neighborhood they’re shooting in, regardless if I’m a fan of them or not.

    • SiquePupi

      Based on this picture I would guess that most of the people in this picture don’t know 1/2 of the celebrities you are talking about. And Vitagraph Studios was closed before most of them were born and hasn’t been relevant in nearly a century. If people are a little star struck or just enjoy meeting someone that they are a fan of, good for them. It seems like they had a nice time.

  • Dr. Spaceman

    Bill’s son has owned and run a restaurant in Brooklyn for like 5 years now, get with the times.

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