Delicious Money (Source: Tax Credits via Flickr)

Delicious Money (Source: Tax Credits via Flickr)

A million dollar lotto ticket was sold right here in Sheepshead Bay last week. Woohoo! Hooray! …sigh…

On the July 31 Powerball drawing results webpage, one second place ticket was sold at the Bayside Mini Mart (3119 Emmons Avenue). The lucky winner, not yet identified, represents the second millionaire from Southern Brooklyn minted in the past few weeks. The first lucky fellow was James Geoghan, a Midwood resident, who scratched his way to $5 million big ones after purchasing a golden ticket from the Krish Card Shop (1619 Avenue U).

In the article I wrote about Geoghan, I ‘expertly’ pontificated that Geoghan’s win made it unlikely that anyone from Southern Brooklyn was likely to win any kind of massive jackpot anytime soon. Clearly, Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of Luck and Fate, read my article and decided to mess with me. So, hopefully for the rest of you, my continued lack of respect for the Greco-Roman gods will make you rich and me increasingly bitter. You’re welcome.

By the way, the  Powerball jackpot has now reached $400 million, so if you win after reading this, do the right thing and send a few dollars to me Sheepshead Bites [Corrected by editor]. Please?

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  • Subway Stinker

    I thought that the first lucky lottery player in the nabe was a Win for Lifer at the BP (Amoco) Station on C.I.A. and Ave T a few months ago before it was closed for ennovations. . But that news was surpressed and covered up.

  • Lisanne!

    Yes I will send a few dollars to Sheepshead Bites if I win gazillions in one of the huge lottery stakes. After all, we all agree that Ned is not at all rich, he is the poorest editor we know.

    Believing in being fully prepared beforehand I decided to ascertain what exactly is a few dollars. Research and polling has led me to the conclusion that a few dollars is three, no more and no less. Being consistent with my earlier claim of full preparedness, I have placed three dollar bills in an envelope. Should I win, the address is already upon the front, all that will be needed to complete the parcel will be the stamp, which I will gladly pay for, even as I am mindful that there are those who would send this postage due. The charity of the stamp did take much resolve on my part, but I can change my mind at the last minute.

    • Ned Berke


    • Willie Simpson

      If you notice, I was the one begging for money, Ned has plenty!

  • MrArtTuro

    I hereby announce that I will gladly donate a postage stamp for any multi-million dollar winner who will then ‘kick back’ three or more dollars to Nedalicious. (Offer expires 12/31/13) Thank you and good night.

  • larry

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    Larry Mader

  • Angie

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