Remember When: There Was More Than One Clam Bar In Sheepshead Bay



Believe it or not, it wasn’t always Randazzo’s Clam Bar – and only Randazzo’s Clam Bar. Sheepshead Bay had a couple of clam bars, and while time clearly favored the hot marinara we still know today, many people thought Joe’s Clam Bar was the real prize.

As for me, Joe’s goes back before my memory does. I know they were still open as of 1987, as an employee was on hand to give a reporter some background info on the apparent gangland killing of an employee at another old Sheepshead Bay seafood joint – Rubino’s Crab House.

Do you know when it closed? And what other clam bars do you remember populating the Bay?

Man, I could go for some good raw littlenecks right about now…

Photo courtesy of Marc Hollander via Facebook.


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  • Ann

    Loved Joes Clam Bar. I’m pretty sure it was open in the 90s, because I’m pretty sure I went there with my husband.

  • Ann

    And there was a Randazzos restaurant down towards the belt end of the bay.

  • JW

    I remember Joes, I remember Randazzo’z when they had a small narrow white and blue tiled restaurant. It was there I learned the best months to eat clams and oysters were in the months with the letter r.

  • Metsknicks

    There’s lots of “clams” along Emmons Ave. in The Bay. Just watch how many disgusting people spit right on the sidewalk . . .

  • tinafg

    Nothing will ever beat coming home from Brighton Beach Baths with my mother and stopping for dozens of clams at Lundy’s Clam Bar!

  • gabinadina

    We used to go to Jeans, then when that closed we would go to Joe’s. They had the best crabmeat stuffed lobster I ever had. I would kill to have that again.

    • nolastname

      Those were the days my friend…..