Jerome Avenue’s Pizza Cardo Gives Way To Pizza By The Bay



Just 21 months after replacing another pizzeria at the same location, it appears Pizza Cardo at 1730 Jerome Avenue has itself been replaced, this time by Pizza by the Bay.

We noticed the sign switch earlier this week, but are unsure of when it actually changed hands. Pizza Cardo opened in September 2011, months after the closing of Benny’s Gourmet Pizza.

Both businesses were kosher, and, judging by the certification letter in Pizza by the Bay’s window, so is the new spot. It is the only kosher pizza in the downtown Sheepshead Bay area.

Let us know if you’ve given Pizza by the Bay a try. And best of luck to the new business – more-so than their predecessors, we hope.

  • Tim Tzozly

    best pizza and guy the register is so nice

    • genee


  • sadeyes

    “downtown Sheepshead Bay area”
    Ned……….that’s positively Grandiose!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maxwell Smart

    Dont know personally ,but anecdotally heard the food caused intestinal distress

    • maria

      very good food highly recommended. ive never had kosher pizza that tastes that good!!

  • genee

    but they aren’t by the bay

    • maria

      2 blocks away

  • xyz

    been there. great pizza. and I’m not a fan of kosher pizza, but this stuff was good

  • sheepsheadbiter

    The pizza is rather good and the cheese and olive croissant is amazing!

  • Martin

    Our school wanted to order 10 pies, kosher, we are in the area, we coldn’t find a kosher pizza place in the bay area, so we went to ave j.

    but here’s the thing… it would be very helpful if their awning indicated that this place is a Kosher Pizza Place… From driving by, there is no indication that it’s Kosher. That’s a loss of business for them, because I’ve drove by there countless times and never knew they were Kosher. The prior place and the one before each promoted that they are Kosher.

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