Construction Underway At Aldi Food Market On Nostrand Ave


The hanging of the Aldi sign begins. Photo by Max Bolotov

The new Aldi Food Market (3785 Nostrand Ave) is coming alive. Photographs reveal that the low-cost food market, a sister company to Trader Joe’s, has begun to hang up their storefront signs.

Last October Sheepshead Bites was first to report on the construction of the new Aldi Food Market being built on the same spot that once occupied a Pathmark. The new food market will only be half the size of the Pathmark at 18,000 square feet and is expected to employ less people, but it’s still another shopping option for those lamenting the loss of the supermarket.

“Now I can walk the neighborhood without people asking when and where we’ll have a new supermarket,” Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein told Sheepshead Bites last October.

Thanks to Erica Sherman, Bart E. and Max Bolotov for the latest photographs of the construction efforts at the Aldi spot.

Photo by Bart E.

A Peek Inside The Construction of Aldi’s Interior. Photo By Erica Sherman

A Look At Aldi’s Customer Parking Lot. Photo By Max Bolotov

A Coming Soon Sign Pasted In The Store Window. Photo By Erica Sherman

  • Alex

    Any idea what being build at ave z and e 16th?

  • Andrew Kent

    But will Aldi’s have mobility scooters for disabled shoppers, as Pathmark did and Stop & Shop does? Does anyone know about the other Aldi’s or Trader Joe’s having them?

    • Leo

      I don’t remember any mobility scooters when I worked at TJ’s but it was definitely handicapped accessible so if you use one to get around you were able to comfortably use your own.

    • raylotekka

      I don’t know about whether Aldi’s will have scooters, but I have indeed seen one or two scooters at some Trader Joe’s. I think I’ve even used one, several years ago.

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  • MommyofGirls

    Anyone know When it is opening?

  • nolastname

    Anyone know why the Aldi sign was removed from Nostrand Ave location?

    • Daniel

      Yeah, I noticed the same. Hope they didn’t change their mind.

      • nolastname

        I’ll reply, there is a sign that says opening june 22 or 27th. I forget which date,

  • Lmc

    I love aldi. I shop at the one in Long Island and the one in rego park. I didn’t see any scooters there, but you have to put a quarter in a slot to get a cart. You get it back when you return the cart! The store is awesome!

  • Kevin

    Aldi will be opening Thursday, August 1.

  • Martin

    Any idea what will come into the balance of the space?