Ex-Coney Island Hospital Director Slapped With Fine For Taking Gifts


Source: Gregory Maizous

Peter Wolf, the former director of the Coney Island Hospital, was fined for accepting gifts from a doctors’ group, according to a report by the New York Post.

Wolf had to pay $6,000 for violating city ethics rules by accepting gifts from the University Medical Associates back in 2005. Wolf had abruptly resigned his post in January of 2009 and admitted his ethical violations in a settlement with the Conflicts of Interests Board.

According to the Post, Wolf had received two bottles of wine, a $500 gift card and two surprise parties, one for his birthday and one for celebrating a promotion. When Wolf served as the director of Coney Island Hospital, his yearly salary was $231,000.

  • Anonymous

    It’s some wine and a gift card, it’s not like he got some $1m bonus bribe and insane perks.

  • policeluvr

    What’s the big deal? “Our” police constantly take gifts from their russian “friends”. As does “our” DA..