Brighton Woman Disappears After Visit To Salon


Source: Facebook

The family of a Brighton Beach woman say their 29-year-old daughter went to pay a visit to a salon yesterday, but never returned home.

From the New York Post:

Elizabeth Tuul, 29, was last seen at a salon on the corner of Brighton 5th Street and Brighton Beach Avenue about 4:30 p.m. yesterday, cops said. She did not go back to her home nearby on 5th Street near West Avenue.

Cops say Tuul is 5-foot-9, and about 150 pounds. She was wearing blue sneakers and a pink sweater when she disappeared.

According to Tuul’s Facebook page, she previously attended local schools including Leon M. Goldstein High School in Manhattan Beach and Brooklyn College.

Police note that Tuul has gone missing several times before.

Anyone with information regarding these crimes is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. All callers to Crime Stoppers remain anonymous. Crime Stoppers can be reached at 1-800-577-TIPS, via the website, or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577.

  • lollercat

    so wait is she a dog or what?

  • jboy61

    she’s gone missing several other times? does she suffer from a disease or is she on drugs or something? weird

  • put dat bitch on a leash, yo!

  • nyckat

    maybe she wanted to “go-missing”?

    • nolastname

      Sounds about right. Eventually she may not be able to go unmissing!

  • pickone

    she looks do-able

  • Bobby

    I went to hs with Liz. Real sweet girl but shes definitely got some mental issues. Hope shes ok

    • derp

      I’m sure you hope she’s okay. Clearly. That’s why you’ve stated she has mental issues in an article that lists her name, age and picture. You sound like you really care about her family and her feelings. Totally unnecessary.

  • nick

    Ok let me get this straight…a girl goes
    missing 8 hours ago..and its on the newspaper? Even tho ppl by law need
    to wait 24 hours before they can report to the police that someone is
    missing….also she went missing a few times before? So why is this one
    so much more important than the other ones?

    • Iammeandmeami

      Because she’s hot…

      • google

        i agree. we should only care about hot bitches. do not look for the ugly ones

  • BrightonBabe

    Maybe she missed her homeland and went back to Russia.

    • alovasya

      sorry your attempt at humor was an epic fail … but hey nice try :)

  • guest

    shes 29 she didn’t go missing she maybe went to party,maybe went to do drugs,maybe is a hooker lol brighton 5th corner huh lmao

  • mark

    grew up with this girl – she’s been off the rails for the last 5-6 years. has gone missing before. has been in a mental hospital. i don’t understand why its in the newspaper a day after shes “missing”

    anyway. my dad is close with her mom still, maybe i’ll ask.

    • derp

      Yea – and also have your dad tell her family what a jerk you are for posting private details about a girl who has an article on the internet which lists her name, age and picture. I’m sure they will appreciate that.

      • marc

        how about not wasting nypds time with this nonsense? she was gone for a day and then the cops have to look for her? especially when she’s done this before? she’s 29 years old. not 12.

        waste of time

        • levp

          I guess you don’t have children.

  • randyice

    if there are stories for missing after 8 hours, can i report the money from my wallet missing after i went shopping… we get it – slow news day is slow.

  • RomanM

    Also, that picture is of her from 2007….6 years old. Her parents didn’t have any newer photo?

  • derp

    To the people commenting about how you know her and stating she’s mentally unstable – REALLY CLASSY GUYS! It has her name, age and picture on the internet and you’re giving out private details of her life which affects her and her family. Jerks.