Angered By Late Night Sandy-Related Construction On Boardwalk, Brighton Residents Plan Protest


Source: Igor Khodzinskiy via Daily News

As the city rushes to repair the beach and boardwalk after Superstorm Sandy in time for Memorial Day, Brighton Beach and Coney Island residents are getting fired up over late night construction, and now they’re planning a protest.

The city is making repairs to the boardwalk and beach, as well as improvements like three new public restrooms and lifeguard stations. But residents say that work, including thunderous pile driving, is being done as late as 3:00 a.m.

Daily News reports:

“It’s this constant banging deep into the ground. It’s like a boom sound,” said Marian Rosenfarb, 79, who lives a block away from the beach. “With this noise I don’t know if I’ll reach 80.”

Rosenfarb says the vibrations from the construction causes her building to shake. the noise is impossible to drown out, she added.

… Three new buildings are being constructed along the boardwalk, at West 2nd St, Brighton 2nd St. and New Brighton St.

The modern modular structures – which are also being added in Queens and Staten Island – will replace old lifeguard stations and public bathrooms that were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.

All three stations will be wheel chair accessible, designed with green features like solar power and skylights, and constructed above flood levels.

Pile driving into the sand is expected to last until next week and the new structures should be completed by the start of beach season.

“Work is going on 24 hours a day in order to finish the project as quickly as possible,” said spokeswoman Meghan Lalor.

“While we acknowledge that this may present an inconvenience, we ask for the community’s patience while this important restoration work is being done.”

Residents, though, are not happy with mere acknowledgement. They want the city to cut out the late night work, and the noise it generates.

Neighbors in the Oceana condominium complex (50 Oceana Drive West) are organizing a rally this Sunday, April 7, at noon on the boardwalk at Coney Island Avenue. The rally isn’t just against the construction; the residents of the posh complex are hoping to kill plans to install a new public bathroom in what they claim is their yard.

“No one ever gave a thought that there is no need to build yet another filthy anti-sanitary condition in our front yards. In the past this bathroom attracted many strangers and caused much destruction to the neighborhood,” resident Ella Rabinovich wrote to Sheepshead Bites.

Residents have also organized a petition, which they’ve sent to the Parks Department. Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz also sent a letter to the Parks Department in opposition to placing the bathrooms by Oceana.

  • Mr. Toilet

    understandable grievance: late night work
    sheer absurd notion: protesting a public bathroom that was already there

  • Yigal

    Where is New Brighton Street?

  • Brightonresident

    Not only is the work a problem (replacing a bathroom that was already there is NOT a problem, the bathroom was there before the Oceana was built). The problem is that all the equipment and supplies come by truck at Brighton 14th Street and the racket goes on all night long! There needs to be another entrance onto the beach then the one at Brighton 14th Street!

    • Arthur Borko

      Have you ever walked the boardwalk end to end? The only other entrances to the boardwalk are on the other end near Seagate. That’s a mile away.

      • jboy61

        there’s an entrance under the boardwalk at ocean ave and somewhere in Coney

        • M. Smart

          ocean ave is B14th st

          • Brightonresident

            Ocean Ave is NOT Brighton 14th. Brighton 14th is a continuation of East 14th. Ocean Av. is Ocean Ave. What jboy probably meant is Ocean P’kway. and that entrance under the Boardwalk has been closed for years.

        • nolastname

          Yes, and one that is blocks before Sea Gate…
          I think it was near the Apartment buildings or nursing home.

      • Brightonresident

        Actually, the Seagate end of the Boardwalk is 2.5 miles away!

  • ObserverV

    3 months these constructions will be in use. The rest of 9 months we, residents will be suffered from foul smell, drug dealing, homeless, scattered human waste and all the consequences of a public toilet presence in front of us. The toilet is being built right in front of the 12 residential condominiums, ONLY 50 FEET AWAY.
    A mayor of New York wants the beach to be ready for this season, for that he is willing to forever destroy the property in a residential community
    A blind bureaucratic machine is simply running over the residential community.

    • Brightonresident

      The bathroom was there before the Oceana was even thought of!

  • BrooklynBus

    So am I correct in understanding that the City will be replacing the brand new smartly architecturally designed bathrooms that were constructed a mere ten years ago with smaller up in the sky prefabbed unattractive pieces of junk?

    How much could it cost to fix the plumbing at these brand new bathrooms? Who approved these replacements? What a waste of public funds! Does the City expect a Hurricane Sandy every year that it wont fix these brand new bathrooms built to last a hundred years? A full investigation is certainly in order. Elected officials, are you listening?

    • Brightonresident

      It’s not the new bathrooms! It is the ones that were at beach level!

  • guest

    Are you rich? Then you have no right to get in the emperor’s way. Be gone fowl peasants. You matter not.

    • Like… poor birds?

      • nolastname

        Yes, like Canadian Geese. Guest made a valid point. Times 2!

  • Al

    It is not the bathroom that the bother, it is pilling driving that is really, really scary, especially 50 ft away. They will stop when partial collapse happens. Try to work 12 hour shifts after 2 hours of sleep.

  • Nyckat

    Tough luck as far as the bathroom goes, adblock bathroom was there before the cono was built- but the racket that is going on violates all kinds of laws and needs to be stopped at once. People have babies that need to sleep, many elderly folks live in the area, it is just not right for this to go on.

    • Nyckat

      Oops iPad has mind of its own tonight..the bathroom was there before the condo

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  • BrooklynBus

    The City should be fined for violating the noise code with the money paid for the time the residents cannot sleep. They are so quick to fine everyone else for nonsense violations when they are the biggest lawbreaker.

    Channel 7 news reported on this last night.

  • jboy61

    I hear it in Manhattan Beach well past 3 AM… why must it pile driven into the ground? just have them there as temporary installations during the summer months and take them away after it…


    Hopefully these bathrooms will drive out all the tax-evading, drug-dealing, medicare-frauding slime that just so happen to be termed ‘Russians’. (Which may I add, is about 95% of Oceana’s demographic.) No good has come out of any of those ‘people’, and they have contributed little to nothing to this city let alone this country. Before you slam me as a bigot/racist etc., my family is from the USSR.

    • Im2envy

      Who the hell asked for your opinion, for your info most people are doctor’s and ; lawyer’s on Oceana. Keep your useless opinion to your self..

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