Photo: Someone Move This Stripped Car Already!


Photo courtesy of Esfir Neyman

We received this photo and a message from SBites reader Esfir Neyman:

We have a stripped vehicle on Emmons Ave for over a month. Reported to 311 – nothing is being done.  In addition we have cars parked without plates on Emmons between E 26 and E 27th streets which we reported to the city as well, but they are still there.

It’s been a while since we’ve received a stripped car e-mail, which I hope means the situation is improving. Now let’s see if someone trucks the cars Esfir writes about away. Best of luck.


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  • MyBrooklyn

    Hey Ned…I see stripped cars quite often in my neighborhood around Gravesend/Coney Island area…just dont feel like taking pictures

    • ShadowLock

      i second this notion.

  • Metsknicks

    I live on Coyle St. Since our underground garage has yet to be repaired following Sandy, parking on our block is at a premium. I reported two vehicles with out of state plates to the Community Affairs Officer at the 6-1 Pct. They’ve been parked on our block since before the hurricane. At first he didn’t want to take down the information, but he did reluctantly after I told him that two officers in a radio car had told me to call him. He mentioned that the information is given to a towing company who will watch the said vehicles for 72 hours and of they’re not moved they would be towed. Guess what? They’re still on the block. Any suggestions Ned?

  • evil clown

    The city is leaving it there to give more tickets to, the mayor needs the cash to help with the greater good stopping those evil soda peddlers…80)

  • roman m

    y do u care if they are thhere

  • Move a Car

    Last days, I saw my one of friend who move his stripped car that was very amazing.

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