Fidler Takes NY1 On A Tour Of Southern Brooklyn


Photo By Erica Sherman

Departing City Councilman Lew Fidler took journalist and “Inside City Hall” host Errol Louis on a tour of his Southern Brooklyn district, visiting Gerritsen Beach and Marine Park, among other places, in a new report by NY1.

In the video, Fidler shows Louis the destruction wrought by Superstorm Sandy, discusses building projects such as the Marine Park Green Community Center, keeping Public School 114 in Canarsie open, and maintaining funding for children and senior programs.

At the end of the video, Fidler, who is leaving the City Council at the end of his term, remained vague about his future plans. While he said it wasn’t in his plans to run for office at the moment, he added that he was “not riding off into the sunset.”

You can watch the video tour here.


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  • Shaun from Marine Park

    Please Lew, ride off into the sunset! Your leeching of this city while pretending to represent us is hopefully over. Your illegal parking, waddling into Civic meetings late and ignoring the voters is a tiring game to keep pointing out.

  • Can’t stand Lew

    I forgot, illegally USING SCHOOL CHILDREN to send home political lessons. Lew have you returned the six figure sum back to the election committee?

    • levp

      Transparency notice: “Can’t stand Lew” also happens to be the same user as “Shaun from Marine Park”.

      • nolastname

        They both do make a point. LOL

        • Shaun

          Thank you Nolastname :)

      • Shaun from Marine Park

        Wow, Levp you got me! I’m discovered. Yes Can’t stand Lew and Shaun from Marine Park are the same person. So is the message here. It is time for Fidler to go! In his years in office, he has proven to be more of a road block to success for the community then an asset. In his tenure, he is more wildly know for his misdeeds then positive accomplishments. I’d point them out again but I find it much more entertaining to point them out after one of Lew’s defenses.

        • levp

          That’s fine, but refrain from using multiple identities. It raises a “red flag”, thereby diminishing your message.
          I take no position on Mr. Fidler’s record.

          • Shaun from Marine Park

            Got it LEVP will do. Can’t stand Lew it over, thank you for your opinion.

  • Shaun from Marine Park

    I wonder if two faced Lew took NY1 to the mosque he opposed and fought against because it was oversized for the area and them took them to the 5 story Jewish school he supports in Marine Park that is also completely out of scope with buildings in the area?