Sheepshead Bay + Boobies = This Video


Gosh. There really isn’t much to say, except maybe “Why does this exist?”

We don’t have any answers.

Thanks to reader Boris O. for sending this over… I think.

  • BayResident

    I’m not going to be able to get that out of my head for days… Let me see your boobies, your boobies, your boobies.

  • Boobie

    and there went sheepshead bites news credibility.

    • Olga V

      this guy looks like he already went viral, thanks to yall lol

  • o_O

    • moraque

      Okay – what does o_O mean? My kids aren’t around to ask.

      • ES

        According to Urban Dictionary, it means: “Confused, stunned, or weirded out.”

      • It meant I was confused at the time of this post, LOL

  • winson

    is he going to be a railfan in the future since his video includes the Q train and B49 bus?

  • ES

    The boobies at 1:12 belong to Aretha Franklin.

    • Tinman

      And shows that she’s a natural wo-man…

  • step in dog poop please

    lmaooo ive seen this guy before around coney island ave lolol

    • Olga V

      He goes to Roll N Roaster all the time. I seen him there many times. I believe he works in Stop and shop

  • Tinman

    The biggest boob in this trash is the jerk attempting to play an artist. Just goes to show ya=ya how much the Internet foments bad taste!.

  • whatTF

    Looks like Sheepseahdbites wants to become an online RAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul

    anything with breasts in it I like!

  • toubis

    I’m… Speachless

  • Olga V

    Simply genious. Catchy song and fun, the next harlem shake…..yall are jealous haters on this guy….cause you didnt come up with the idea lmao