For Shame! Nathan’s Famous Interior Demolished!


Source: J. Reed via Wikimedia Commons

Nathan’s Famous, battered and closed since Superstorm Sandy blew into town, is in the midst of demolishing the interior and rebuilding hot dog heaven for a spring reopening, according to a report by the Village Voice.

The hot dogs at the Nathan’s on Coney Island are quite possibly the best in the city, so their recent removal from ‘hot-dog-iverse’ have been a tough blow to wiener lovers the world over. The interior was ravaged by water caused by Sandy’s storm surge, so it has to be gutted and replaced with sparkling new hot-dog equipment.

A Frankfurter expert (i.e. some worker at the site) estimated that it will be another month before rebuilding can begin.


The interior, as photographed by Village Voice.


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  9. Well, 1/29 was 47 years I’ve been around here, and I can tell you that the Nathans you knew bears very little resemblance to the Nathans of the 60’s. So, already that was just a memory to me…. The atmosphere of the fries and hotdogs, the hipsters making believe they belong, giving my favorite homeless guy a buck, walking the boardwalk, all that doesn’t change.

  10. Oh, it will taste the same. Rumor has it that the grease used for the fries is never changed, and dates back to the early 1900’s :)

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  13. Nothing will ever taste the same again. Boy do I miss the old burgers that were cooked on the grill top and left to sit in onion water until your burger was made…and if you wanted a cheeseburger, they would add a slice of cheese and put the whole thing into a steam box. And I cursed the day they stopped selling the BBQ sandwich.

  14. Probably was necessary to gut it but now that wonderfull old interior that made it so clear that you were in a place from another time will probably be replaced with the cheap trash used in all fast food joints now. My husband and I have been die-hard Nathan’s and Coney Island lovers since the the early 80s and this hurts.

  15. Not as bad as it sounds. The interior of the restaurant had already been completely modernized during construction that was done in stages last year, so the old nostalgic look had already been changed. Looking forward to the grand re-opening.

  16. Brightonresident on

    Why “for shame”? The bigger question is: Why did it take so long to start work? And why isn’t there a Nathan’s truck at the site, like they have done at other locations?

  17. It was necessary. I saw the place about 2-3 days afterwards. The door was open, i was able to see inside. Fixing the existing stuff just wasn’t an option.