• nolastname

    I’m thinkin; of some low budget horror movie monster or a walrus!

    • Saveyourself

      Yup and that pole with the orange and white ball on top is shooting beams of hope to the commuters about to commute…..not knowing the train is actually an alien spaceship.
      The amber lights have secretly been watching the location from Avenue Y for weeks and decided the back entrance was more suitable for their nasty deeds.
      Why one of their foot soldiers (that wire thing) is holding a yellow post against it’s will is beyond me, Maybe the yellow metal object is valuable where they come from. Run for you lives commuters.

    • BrooklynBus

      The blob is back! It has traveled back from Antartica where we last left it in 1958. It is oozing out of that pipe and about to swallow us all up. Beware!

  • Looks more like the custard dispenser from Carvel on Coney Island Avenue.